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Transport Department to fully resume walk-in counter services for licensing services, written test and driving test appointment services  
     To align with the Government's announcement to fully resume normal public services subject to the implementation of targeted measures to reduce social contact and the application of infection control measures, the Transport Department (TD) said today (September 11) that the licensing services and driving test services of the TD will be adjusted as follows:
Licensing and related services

     The TD's Licensing Offices, Public Vehicles Unit, Vehicle Records Office, Driving Licence Records Office, Driving Offence Points Office and Cross Boundary Unit will resume walk-in counter services in full from September 15 to process all licensing and related applications.

     At the same time, to facilitate the members of the public to use the online appointment services so as to avoid the gathering of crowds and reduce waiting time at the Licensing Offices, the daily quota for online appointments for renewal of a full driving licence/vehicle licence, application for transfer of ownership of a vehicle retention, transfer or assignment of a vehicle registration mark, or application for an international driving permit will be 5 000 and the opening period of 10 weeks for online appointments will be maintained.  Members of the public may also submit applications via the drop-in boxes at the Licensing Offices, by post or online to suit their needs.

     In view of public health considerations, members of the public entering the TD's offices have to undergo on-the-spot body temperature checks arranged by the TD. Any member of the public whose body temperature is higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius or who refuses to undergo a body temperature check will be denied entry into the offices. The offices will also request members of the public to clean their hands with alcohol-based sanitiser before entering the offices and wear masks at all times in the offices. To reduce the risk of the spread of virus, the offices will also strengthen crowd control.
Driving test services

     Further to the TD's announcement made on August 27, the driving test (Part A written test) and the taxi written test will resume on September 14. Candidates who have been scheduled to take a written test on or after September 14 should attend the test according to the test date, time and the written test centre specified in the driving test appointment letter. Candidates affected by the suspension of the written test services will be notified individually of their rescheduled test dates.
     In addition, driving test appointment services (including walk-in counter services of the Driving Test Appointment Office, handling of driving test applications for fresh candidates and repeaters and driving test postponement applications, online booking service for driving test appointments and telephone booking service for Repeater Early Driving Test) will resume from September 21.

     To reduce the risk of the spread of the virus, infection control measures will be implemented in the written test centre of the TD, including stepping up cleaning of computers at the test centre.  All candidates participating in the written test must wear surgical masks inside the test centre and throughout the test, clean their hands with alcohol-based sanitiser before entering the centre, and undergo body temperature screening arranged by the TD.  If a candidate does not wear a surgical mask, refuses to undergo body temperature screening or has a body temperature higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, the candidate will not be allowed to enter the test centre and the test will be rescheduled.

     For enquiries, members of the public can contact the offices concerned of the TD at the following numbers:
Hong Kong Licensing Office 2804 2636
Kowloon Licensing Office 2150 7728
Kwun Tong Licensing Office 2775 6835
Sha Tin Licensing Office 2606 1468
Public Vehicles Unit 2804 2574
Driving Test Appointment Office 2771 7723
Vehicle Records Office 2867 4691
Driving Licence Records Office 2804 2596
Driving Offence Points Office 2804 2594
Cross Boundary Unit 2543 2114

Ends/Friday, September 11, 2020
Issued at HKT 10:18
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