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Statistics of Universal Community Testing Programme
     From 8am to 8pm today (September 6), a total of about 180 000 persons registered at the community testing centres around the territory for specimen collection for COVID-19 testing under the Universal Community Testing Programme (UCTP). A total of about 1 027 000 persons have registered at the centres for testing since the launch of the UCTP on September 1.
     As at 8pm of September 6, a total of about 675 000 specimens collected under the UCTP had been tested. Specimens tested with positive COVID-19 result will be referred to the Public Health Laboratory Services Branch of the Department of Health for confirmatory tests. Confirmed cases will be followed up and announced by the Centre for Health Protection.
     As at 8pm today, a total of about 1 132 000 persons had made appointments since August 29 when the online booking system opened.
     So far there have been 194 cases of one's personal data being used by others for online booking under the UCTP. After examination, 109 of the cases were found to involve suspected fraudulent use of others' personal data for booking and they have been referred to the Police.
     A spokesman for the Government said that the UCTP aims to identify asymptomatic COVID-19 patients in the community as early as possible for early treatment and thereby stop further infections with the disease.
     "We urge all citizens to participate in the testing programme, for the sake of themselves as well as that of other people, and work together to cut the virus transmission chain, so as to facilitate gradual resumption of our normal daily lives and economic activities," the spokesman said.
Ends/Sunday, September 6, 2020
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