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Settlement of railway tunnel of Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 at Kai Tak Area 1E
     A Government spokesman said today (September 4) that the MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL) reported on September 2 that while the construction works of the private development project at Kai Tak Area 1E Site 2 were being carried out, the readings recorded in two settlement monitoring checkpoints installed inside the railway tunnel of the Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 had reached 20.1 millimetres, exceeding the pre-set trigger level for works suspension (i.e. 20mm). The relevant construction works of the development project were suspended on the same day. A site inspection conducted at midnight on September 4 reaffirmed the above readings.
     The Buildings Department (BD) has deployed staff to inspect the affected railway tunnel and confirmed that it is structurally safe. The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) has reviewed the monitoring data submitted by the MTRCL in relation to safe operation of the railway and confirmed that the condition of the railway fulfils the operational safety requirements. The building works concerned have not affected the structural safety of railway facilities and safe operation of the railway.
     The BD, the EMSD and the MTRCL will continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure the structural safety of railway facilities and safe operation of the railway.
     While the relevant works have been suspended, the BD and the MTRCL will request the registered building professionals responsible for the development project to formulate mitigation measures and adopt a construction method that would alleviate the effects on the railway facilities.
     Upon receipt of the corresponding amendment plans of the development project and application for resumption of the suspended construction works, the BD will vigorously scrutinise the application with a view to ensuring structural safety of railway facilities, including consulting the MTRCL and other relevant government departments. The EMSD will also confirm that the MTRCL has put in place stringent monitoring measures to ensure the safety of the railway operation. Moreover, if the registered building professionals propose that the pre-set trigger level(s) for works suspension be revised, the BD will consider the proposal having regard to the circumstances after consulting the MTRCL and other relevant government departments. When the application for resumption of suspended works has been agreed, the BD and the EMSD will make an announcement to the public about the decision.
Ends/Friday, September 4, 2020
Issued at HKT 20:36
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