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Updates on preliminarily positive case for COVID-19 infection and an earlier close contact case in Kwong Wah Hospital
The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:
     The spokesperson for Kwong Wah Hospital (KWH) today (August 10) made the following announcement concerning one preliminarily positive case for COVID-19 infection and provide updates about an earlier close contact case:
     A 62-year-old male patient with chronic disease attended the Accident and Emergency Department of KWH presented with fever and cough on August 8. Doctor, based on clinical decision, arranged COVID-19 deep throat saliva test for him but without the need of hospital admission. The result revealed on August 9 was preliminarily positive. The patient will be admitted for treatment under isolation.
     The hospital reviewed the patient's previous admission history and found that he was admitted to a general surgical ward due to gastrointestinal symptoms on August 1. He neither presented with fever nor respiratory symptoms on the day of admission. With the onset of fever, the patient was admitted to a surveillance ward and COVID-19 test was arranged for him on August 3. The test result was negative and the patient was transferred to the general surgical ward for continuous treatment. The patient was later discharged from the hospital on August 4.
     The hospital's infection control team immediately conducted contact tracing for the 62-year-old male patient. All healthcare workers who provided treatment and care to him were equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment in accordance with the infection control guidelines of the Hospital Authority. Therefore, no staff member had been classified as a close contact. Besides, the hospital was notified that the patient's spouse was a staff member of KWH and she was therefore classified as a close contact. CHP would follow up on the necessary tests and quarantine arrangements for her. The staff member did not present with any symptoms and was equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment in accordance with the infection control guidelines of the Hospital Authority during work. She had not returned to the hospital for work since her family member was preliminarily confirmed with COVID-19 infection. Her last working day was on August 9.

     At the same time, the hospital continued to follow up the close contacts of the 70-year-old male patient confirmed with COVID-19 infection (case number: 4030) announced yesterday (August 9). The hospital had arranged COVID-19 test for the seven in-patients who had stayed in the same general surgical ward with the confirmed patient. Among the patients, six of them were tested negative for COVID-19. The remaining 54-year-old male patient was tested positive and immediately transferred to the isolation ward for treatment. He was currently in stable condition. The connection between these COVID-19 cases was under investigation.
     In light of the above cases, the hospital had arranged thorough cleansing and disinfection of the general surgical ward concerned. Admission to the ward had been suspended.
     The hospital would continue to closely monitor the health of staff members and patients and also maintain communication with the CHP to follow up on the latest situation.
Ends/Monday, August 10, 2020
Issued at HKT 21:57
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