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HAD and TWGHs arrange one-off free COVID-19 testing service for residents of public housing estates in Tsz Wan Shan
     The Home Affairs Department (HAD) and the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) together launched today (July 27) the COVID-19 Community Testing Scheme in Tsz Wan Shan (Tsz Wan Shan Testing Scheme). This COVID-19 testing service provided by a testing agency (China Dragon Inspection & Certification (HK) Ltd) is being arranged for Tsz Wan Shan residents.
      The Chief Executive is very concerned about the large number of confirmed COVID-19 cases that have emerged in a number of public housing estates in Tsz Wan Shan recently. She understands that many residents of these estates, especially the elderly, are very worried about the situation.
      The Chief Executive has instructed the HAD to co-ordinate the arrangement of voluntary free COVID-19 virus testing for households of Tsz Ching Estate and the public housing estates in the neighbourhood with confirmed cases, in the hope of easing the minds of the public.
      The HAD will start to offer the free virus tests for the residents of Tsz Ching Estate and the public housing estates in the neighbourhood, including Tsz Lok Estate, Tsz Man Estate, Tsz Hong Estate and Choi Fai Estate, tomorrow (July 28).
      The HAD will first distribute specimen bottles tomorrow at two buildings in Tsz Ching Estate, and plans to collect the samples on the following day (July 29) for testing. The Government appeals to the residents to actively participate in the testing and return the samples on time, so as to allow the testing scheme to cover more residents and to alleviate the worries of their family members and neighbours. Those who are unfortunately infected can also be identified early for seeking medical treatment as soon as possible. 
      The Tsz Wan Shan Testing Scheme involves about 40 000 residents and given the substantial work pressure on manpower, testing and related logistics arrangements, the scheme has to be conducted in an orderly manner. The Government appeals for the residents' understanding and promises to strive to expedite the progress as much as possible to address the residents' concern.
      The HAD expresses gratitude to the Housing Department and the TWGHs for their assistance, making it possible to launch the testing scheme within a short time.
      A spokesperson for HAD said, "The testing service for residents living in public housing estates in Tsz Wan Shan will commence tomorrow. The department will co-operate with the TWGHs to make logistics and manpower arrangements for collecting samples for testing from the two buildings in Tsz Ching Estate. We hope the residents will participate actively and be co-operative to return the samples on time. The department is thankful for the Housing Department's full support."
      The HAD appeals to the residents to comply with the social distancing measures announced by the Government to strengthen health and precautionary work. 
      For details on the Tsz Wan Shan Testing Scheme, please contact the Wong Tai Sin District Office (hotline: 9617 0211).
Ends/Monday, July 27, 2020
Issued at HKT 19:10
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