Extension of COVID-19 testing service to public light bus drivers and addition of one temporary specimen collection centre

     The Transport Department (TD) announced today (July 26) that, starting from tomorrow (July 27), the COVID-19 testing service will be extended from taxi drivers to public light bus (PLB) drivers (including green minibus and red minibus). In addition, the Government will provide an additional temporary specimen collection centre at Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port and the centre will be open for use in the morning of July 29 and in the afternoon of July 30 for the convenience of the drivers operating in Lantau.

     The existing four specimen collection centres will remain open until August 1. Details of the addresses, opening dates and hours of the five specimen collection centres are listed in Annex.

     Individuals holding a valid Hong Kong identity card and a taxi or PLB driver identity plate should dial the registration hotline 1836 168 for registration. The PLB drivers can make registration from 11am on July 27 onwards. The subsequent registration time will be from 9am to 9pm daily. Appointment for the additional specimen collection centre can be made starting from tomorrow.

     The testing is voluntary and free of charge. Taxi or PLB drivers are required to make appointment by telephone and conduct the test at the designated temporary specimen collection centres at a specific time slot. Same-day appointment will not be offered by the registration hotline. Duty officers of the telephone booking service centre will register the name, identity card number, taxi or PLB driver identity plate number and contact number of the drivers. Upon successful registration, a SMS to confirm the date, time and location to conduct the collection of specimen will be sent to them. Taxi or PLB drivers are advised to prepare relevant materials beforehand for a smooth registration.

     Upon arrival at the designated testing location at the appointment time slot, taxi or PLB drivers are required to present the valid Hong Kong identity card and taxi or PLB driver identity plate for identity verification. Duty officers of the contractor will collect the specimen of nasopharyngeal swab test from them, and deliver the specimen to laboratories for testing. The contractor of the testing service will not retain their personal data. In case of a taxi or PLB driver's positive testing result, the contractor will notify the TD on the specimen serial number and the TD will relay the details of the related taxi or PLB driver to the Centre for Health Protection for follow-up.

     This testing service offers each taxi or PLB driver a test once. The TD will review the arrangement in a timely manner and to increase the number of specimen collection centres according to needs. If necessary, the provision of testing service will also be extended.

     As at July 25, the TD has received around 10 600 registrations from taxi drivers and has collected about 8 280 samples.

     The TD appeals to the taxi and PLB trades to actively participate in the test to ensure public health and minimise risks of the spread of virus in the community. For details of the testing service, please refer to the website of TD (www.td.gov.hk).

Ends/Sunday, July 26, 2020
Issued at HKT 13:08