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Approved Tong Yan San Tsuen Outline Zoning Plan amended
     The Town Planning Board today (July 10) announced amendments to the approved Tong Yan San Tsuen Outline Zoning Plan (OZP).

     The amendments are to take forward Stages 1 and 2 of the Yuen Long South (YLS) Development under the Revised Recommended Outline Development Plan of the "Planning and Engineering Study for Housing Sites in YLS - Investigation" (the YLS Study). The amendments mainly involve rezoning of (i) four sites to the west of Kung Um Road and to the east of Lam Tai East Road from "Undetermined" ("U") to "Government, Institution or Community(1)" ("G/IC(1)") and "G/IC(2)" and a site to the east of Tong Yan San Tsuen Interchange from "Open Storage" ("OS") to "G/IC(2)" to support the YLS Development; (ii) five sites to the south, southwest and west of Tin Liu Tsuen and east of Shan Ha from "U" to "Residential (Group A)3" primarily for public housing developments; and (iii) four sites to the north, west and south of Tin Liu Tsuen and east and south of Shan Ha from "U" to "Open Space" ("O"). To retain the existing residential clusters as proposed by the YLS Study, two sites in the vicinity of Tin Liu Tsuen are rezoned from "U" to "Residential (Group D)" ("R(D)"). To reprovision village houses affected by government projects, two sites in the vicinity of Shan Ha are rezoned from "U" and "R(D)" to "Village Type Development(1)".  

     To accommodate brownfield operations that could not be accommodated in conventional flatted factory buildings, three sites to the south of the Yuen Long Highway are proposed to be rezoned from "Industrial (Group D)" ("I(D)"), "Residential (Group B)1" ("R(B)1"), "G/IC" and "Green Belt" ("GB") to "Other Specified Uses" ("OU") annotated "Storage and Workshop Use" and an area to the south of the Tin Shui Wai West Interchange (TSWWI) is rezoned from "GB" to "OS". Strips of land to the south, west and north of Tong Yan San Tsuen Road, to the north and west of Park Villa and to the south of the TSWWI are rezoned from "R(B)1", "GB", "I(D)" and "G/IC" to "O".

     A site to the southern end of Kung Um Road is rezoned from "U" to "OU" annotated "Sewage Treatment Works" mainly for a proposed sewage treatment/screening plant. 

     The draft Tong Yan San Tsuen OZP No. S/YL-TYST/13, incorporating the amendments, is now available for public inspection during office hours at (i) the Secretariat of the Town Planning Board, (ii) the Planning Enquiry Counters of the Planning Department in North Point and Sha Tin, (iii) the Tuen Mun and Yuen Long West District Planning Office, (iv) the Yuen Long District Office, (v) the Ping Shan Rural Committee, and (vi) the Shap Pat Heung Rural Committee.

     Any person may make written representations in respect of the amendments to the Secretary of the Town Planning Board on or before September 10. Any person who intends to make a representation is advised to read the revised Town Planning Board Guidelines No. 29B on "Submission and Publication of Representations, Comments on Representations and Further Representations under the Town Planning Ordinance" (TPB PG-No. 29B) which were promulgated in November 2018 and took effect in 2019.

     Submission of a representation should comply with the requirements set out in TPB PG-No. 29B. In particular, the representer should take note of the following:
* If the representer fails to provide his or her full name and the first four alphanumeric characters of his or her Hong Kong identity card or passport number as required under TPB PG-No. 29B, the representation submitted shall be treated as not having been made; and
* The Secretariat of the Town Planning Board reserves the right to require the representer to provide identity proof for verification.

     The Guidelines and the submission form are available at locations (i) and (ii) above and the Town Planning Board's website (www.info.gov.hk/tpb).

     Copies of the draft Tong Yan San Tsuen OZP are available for sale at the Map Publications Centres in North Point and Yau Ma Tei. The electronic version of the OZP can be viewed at the Town Planning Board's website (www.info.gov.hk/tpb/).
Ends/Friday, July 10, 2020
Issued at HKT 16:00
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