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Cash Payout Scheme to advance payment disbursement to July 6
     The Government announced today (July 3) that as at 5pm yesterday (July 2), the Cash Payout Scheme had received 5.5 million registrations since its launch on June 21. The public response was enthusiastic, with over 2 million people registering for the Scheme on the first day. Out of the 5.5 million registrations received, about 4.7 million (85 per cent) were submitted electronically through the 21 participating banks, among which close to 3 million (64 per cent) registrations and about 1.7 million (36 per cent) registrations were submitted through Internet banking and banks' websites respectively.

     The Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, said, "I am glad that most members of the public have responded positively to the appeal of the Government and the banks to submit electronic registrations through Internet banking or banks' websites. Such registrations accounted for over 80 per cent of the total registrations received so far. Registration for the Scheme has gone smoothly in the past two weeks. The percentage of electronic registrations submitted through Internet banking is higher than expected, which helps streamline the verification procedures of the banks and speed up processing of the registrations received. As a result, about 4.3 million eligible registrants who made electronic registrations via banks from June 21 to 30 will start receiving payment via their selected personal bank accounts within two to three days from July 6, which is earlier than the original date of July 8.

     "Registering electronically through banks is the most secure and convenient way to register and also the quickest way to receive payment. People submitting electronic registration from July 1 will receive payment about one week after registration."

     On the other hand, registration by paper forms through banks or Hongkong Post is conducted in batches according to the registrants' year of birth. The first batch of registrants, i.e. those who were born in 1955 or before, started registering for the Scheme on June 21. The second batch (i.e. persons born in 1956 to 1970) may submit their registrations from July 5 onwards. Registrants submitting the forms from July 5 to 18 will receive payment or notification of cheque collection from around August 3 simultaneously. There is no need to rush for registration during the first days or submit the paper forms in person.

     Members of the public are reminded to be cautious in handling their personal data to guard against scammers who may try to obtain personal data or money by deceit using the Cash Payout Scheme as an excuse. Neither the Government nor banks will call members of the public to get information for the purpose of registering for the Scheme. Moreover, the Government and banks will not ask members of the public to provide personal data by email or SMS, or via any embedded hyperlinks. People should not provide their personal information if they receive such requests.

     The public may visit the website of the Scheme (www.cashpayout.gov.hk) or call 18 2020 for detailed information on the Scheme.
Ends/Friday, July 3, 2020
Issued at HKT 17:13
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