Launch of CCF living subsidy for non-public housing and non-CSSA households (with photo/video)

The following is issued on behalf of the Community Care Fund Secretariat:
     The Community Care Fund (CCF) today (June 29) announced the launch of the first round of the "One-off Living Subsidy for Low-income Households Not Living in Public Housing and Not Receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA)" programme (the 2020 Programme) on July 2 and the launch of the second round of the programme (the 2021 Programme) next January to relieve financial pressure on low-income households. The programmes are administered by the CCF Secretariat, with over 200 service units operated by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to accept and carry out initial processing of applications.

     Announcing the details at a media briefing today, the Chairperson of the CCF Task Force under the Commission on Poverty, Dr Law Chi-kwong, said that the CCF has set aside around $1,118.18 million to implement the 2020 Programme. It is estimated that about 105 500 households (or about 272 000 persons) will benefit. As regards the 2021 Programme, the CCF has allocated around $1,447.73 million, expecting to benefit about 137 150 households (or about 353 600 persons).

     The CCF launched the programmes in 2013, 2015 and 2016. The subsidy levels of the 2020 Programme are $4,500 for one-person households, $9,000 for two-person households, $12,500 for three-person households, $14,500 for four-person households and $15,500 for five-or-more-person households.

     Beneficiaries should currently be renting accommodation on a monthly basis (or for longer tenures) in private housing, industrial buildings, commercial buildings or social housing operated by NGOs; renting bedspaces offered under the Home Affairs Department's Singleton Hostel Programme or bedspaces in hostels operated by NGOs for rehabilitated offenders; residing in temporary housing; living on board vessels; or be homeless. Their monthly income must not exceed the specified limits. They should not be receiving CSSA or own any property in Hong Kong. For persons renting accommodation in private housing, industrial buildings, commercial buildings or social housing, their monthly rent should not exceed the specified rent limits. The specified income and rent limits are as follows:
Household Size (persons)   Monthly Household Income Limit ($)   Monthly Rent Limit ($) (if applicable)
------------------   -------------------------------------   ------------------------------
1   15,100   7,550
2   22,000   11,000
3   26,800   13,400
4   33,500   16,750
5   36,900   18,450
6 or above   40,800   20,400

     Eligible households that benefited from the programme launched for the third time in 2016 need to submit a new application for the 2020 Programme. In order to spread out applications in anticipation of the large number of beneficiaries, the CCF Secretariat will accept applications from eligible households in phases. The details are as follows:
From July 2 onwards   One-person households 
From August 3 onwards  Two-person households
From September 1 onwards      Three-person households
From October 5 onwards    All eligible households (irrespective of the household size)
     The application period of the 2020 Programme will last until November 30 this year, so as to allow ample time for households to submit applications.
     Eligible households should submit applications together with copies of all the required documents to respective service units near their residences either in person or by post. Households comprising solely elderly persons aged 60 or above, households comprising solely young persons aged 24 or below or the homeless can submit applications to elderly service units, youth service units or service units accepting applications from the homeless respectively.

     The Secretariat and service units will vet each application, including verifying the eligibility, checking the supporting documents submitted, and conducting home visits/income tests on selected applications. The Secretariat will issue notifications of results to applicants after vetting applications and disburse the subsidy to eligible households. If households choose to receive the subsidy through bank transfer, the subsidy will be deposited into the bank accounts as specified in their application forms through autopay. For households who choose to receive the subsidy in the form of order cheques, the service units concerned will inform them to collect the cheques in person at the service units at the specified time.

     Eligible households can obtain application forms and programme briefs from service units, Public Enquiry Service Centres of the Home Affairs Department in various districts, District Social Welfare Offices of the Social Welfare Department and the Support Service Centres for Ethnic Minorities, or download them from the CCF website ( starting from July 2.
     In addition, the CCF will launch the 2021 Programme next January. The target beneficiaries, the eligibility criteria and the subsidy amount of the 2021 Programme will be the same as the 2020 Programme. The households who have benefited in the 2020 Programme do not need to submit a new application for the 2021 Programme. The CCF Secretariat will issue a letter to these households from late January 2021 and they are required to reply to the CCF Secretariat by the specified deadline as indicated in the letter so as to receive the subsidy. Eligible households who have not benefited in the 2020 Programme can also submit applications in phases according to household size during January and May 2021. Details will be announced around the end of 2020.

     For details of the 2020 Programme, please visit the CCF website or call the Secretariat hotline on 2180 6666.      

Ends/Monday, June 29, 2020
Issued at HKT 15:43