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Police urge the public not to take part in unauthorised assemblies
     Police notice that some netizens have been calling on members of the public to take part in unauthorised assemblies on Hong Kong Island tonight (June 9). Police reiterate that anyone participating in such events may be found guilty of “taking part in an unauthorised assembly” in accordance with the Public Order Ordinance and be liable to a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment. Besides, engaging in public gatherings will also increase the risk of transmission of the virus in the community and may commit certain offences under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation regarding prohibited group gatherings.

     Police believe that such unauthorised assemblies and prohibited group gatherings will very likely cause serious obstruction to traffic on Hong Kong Island, potentially leading to delays in emergency services. Police will take into consideration different traffic conditions and implement temporary route diversion as well as traffic control measures accordingly. Regarding this, Police are calling on road users to watch out for any incidents that may occur in different districts and avoid going to affected areas. More importantly, drivers should follow the instructions given by police officers at the scene and drive away from dangerous areas.

     Police will conduct risk assessments and cordon off the Legislative Council Road, Lung Wui Road, Tamar Park, the footbridge connecting the Admiralty Centre and the Central Government Offices (CGO), as well as the footbridge connecting CITIC Tower, when necessary. Everyone who are going to the CGO, Legislative Council Complex and CITIC Tower may need to use the footbridge connecting CITIC Tower, and produce their staff cards at the inspection station, as necessary.

     Meanwhile, some rioters have been inciting others on the Internet to attack police officers using petrol bombs, in an attempt to force Police to deploy tear gas. Police strongly condemn such malicious and irresponsible messages that intended to encourage the use of violence. The use of petrol bombs within busy districts not only breaches the peace in public places, but also gravely endangers normal citizens and everyone at the scene. Police do not condone any violent acts and will deploy minimum necessary force to enforce the law.

     Police stress that any group gatherings taking place during the ongoing pandemic may also increase the risk of spreading the virus. Police call upon members of the public to refrain from taking part in unauthorised assemblies and prohibited group gatherings. The Police will deploy adequate manpower in relevant locations today and take resolute action to enforce the law, including making arrests.
Ends/Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Issued at HKT 16:59
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