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Police strongly condemn illegal acts of rioters
     Some netizens, earlier on, called on the public to block different major carriageways in various parts of Hong Kong yesterday morning (May 27), with an attempt to paralyse traffic and obstruct Police so as to block the Legislative Council.

     Since midnight yesterday, numerous illegal acts happened in various districts of Hong Kong. Some rioters set fire to miscellaneous objects and hurled large objects into MTR railroad. Some endangered road safety by putting nails on roads to puncture car tyres while some drivers staged slow-drive protests outside the Cross-Harbour Tunnel. Some placed hard objects at train doors to obstruct train services. Some people were found possessing weapons including suspected petrol bombs and hammer during Police patrol.

     At around 1pm, crowds occupied the carriageways in the vicinity of Pedder Street, Central, placing large miscellaneous objects including rubbish bins and traffic cones onto carriageways, obstructing traffic. Police urged them to cease gathering and leave. Having given numerous warnings but in vain, Police conducted dispersal actions and deployed minimum necessary force including pepper ball gun to stop the unlawful and violent acts. At the same time, some people gathered in the vicinity of Hennessey Road near Percival Street, Causeway Bay and behaved in a disorderly manner, breaching public peace.

     At around 2.45pm, protestors occupied carriageways of Nathan Road, Mong Kok and placed trash on the road. At around 4.30pm, protestors occupied Nathan Road again by placing massive amount of trash, carton boxes and road signages to obstruct carriageways.

     At night, protestors occupied and blocked carriageways in the vicinity of Nathan Road and Sai Yeung Choi Street again. Protestors placed and set fire to miscellaneous objects at the junction of Nelson Street and Fa Yuen Street, obstructing nearby traffic.

     At around 9pm , rioters set fire to trash such as cardboards and styrofoam on Sai Yeung Choi Street South near Argyle Street, Mong Kok. Multiple explosions were heard. From observations at scene, a gas canister was found on the ground near the fire. Police maintained the order at scene and directed reporters and bystanders in the vicinity to step back and stay away from the fire. The fire was put out by firemen but the visible burnt marks and piles of ashes remained on the ground.

     As at 9.30pm yesterday, Police have arrested over 360 people for offences including possession of offensive weapons, possession of instruments fit for unlawful purpose, unlawful assembly and participating in an unauthorised assembly. Three vehicles have been towed away by Police.

     Police strongly condemn malicious acts of rioters and will not tolerate any illegal actions that disrupt public peace. Police will take resolute enforcement actions against offenders by conducting arrests and bringing them to justice.
Ends/Thursday, May 28, 2020
Issued at HKT 6:46
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