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Hong Kong senior secondary schools resume classes smoothly
     The Education Bureau (EDB) is content with the overall situation of class resumption of secondary 3 to secondary 5 today (May 27).
     A spokesman for the EDB said, "Regarding today's class resumption, the Secretary for Education, Mr Kevin Yeung, has met with school sponsoring bodies, school councils and secondary school head associations earlier on, and the EDB's staff from the Regional Education Offices have also contacted the secondary schools in the districts to understand their preparation for class resumption.  Schools, in general, have properly put in place the anti-epidemic preventive measures."
     Taking into account that the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) had shown signs of easing, the EDB announced on May 5 that schools in Hong Kong could resume classes by phases in a gradual and orderly manner. The EDB has earlier issued the "Guidelines to Schools on Class Resumption", setting out the preventive measures and important items that schools should put in place after class resumption and pay attention to, with a view to facilitating the necessary preparation work and arrangements.
     The spokesman said, "Staff of the EDB have also contacted some schools this morning. We noted that the operation and arrangements of schools are generally smooth. Schools have implemented various anti-epidemic preventive measures, including checking body temperature of students and visitors upon their entry into school premises, maximising the use of space in classrooms and school premises to ensure that appropriate social distance can be maintained among students, etc."
     He added, "Parents should arrange masks for their children, remember to measure their children's body temperature every day before leaving home, as well as fill in the temperature record form for submission to school. If children are feeling unwell, they should refrain from school."
     The spokesman stressed that the concerted efforts and co-operation among schools, students and parents are essential to keep school campuses safe and clean for the happy school learning of students. All involved have to undertake the necessary precautionary measures. According to our plan, subsequent to secondary 3 to secondary 5 who resumed classes today, primary 4 to secondary 2 will resume classes on June 8 while upper kindergarten to primary 3 will resume classes on June 15. 
     The EDB is thankful to all principals, teachers and other school personnel for the large amount of preparation work done for class resumption. Also, during the class suspension period, they have been supporting students and parents to facilitate students to learn at home to achieve the goal of "suspending classes without suspending learning." The EDB will continue its liaison with schools. It will provide necessary assistance and support to ensure smooth class resumption.

     The EDB noted that there have been illegal assemblies in a number of districts today, disturbing public order. Some young people wearing school uniform have been arrested. Such events are heartbreaking and worrying. We urge students to treasure the opportunity of being able to return to school, and stress that they should never take part in any activities that are illegal or pose threats to their personal safety. Always bear in mind that one should be law-abiding and remain safe, and it is advisable to go home immediately after school, avoid staying outside and do not visit areas that may be dangerous.
Ends/Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Issued at HKT 20:20
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