Rioters block roads again near Canal Road Flyover in Causeway Bay

Attention duty announcers, radio and TV stations:
Please broadcast the following message as soon as possible and repeat it at suitable intervals:

     At around 8pm today (May 24), a group of rioters still gathered at the Canal Road Flyover and loitered on carriageways. Some even built barricades with road signs, traffic cones, umbrellas, bricks and wooden boards on Hennessy Road, causing serious obstruction to road traffic. Multiple sets of traffic lights have been damaged while carriageways have been covered in debris.

     Police warn all rioters to stop unlawful assemblies and road blockage. Police will spare no effort in law enforcement action in an effort to stop all breach of the peace.

Ends/Sunday, May 24, 2020
Issued at HKT 21:40