Commencement of provisions under Property Management Services Ordinance for implementing licensing regime by Property Management Services Authority

     The Government today (May 22) gazetted the Property Management Services Ordinance (Commencement) Notice 2020 (the Commencement Notice) to appoint the days on which the remaining provisions of the Property Management Services Ordinance (Cap. 626) (PMSO) come into operation. This is to enable the Property Management Services Authority (PMSA) to implement the licensing regime of property management companies (PMCs) and property management practitioners (PMPs) to provide property management services.
     "PMCs and PMPs play an important role in helping property owners maintain proper management of their buildings. Property management requires multi-disciplinary professional input, including general property management services, management of the property environment, building repair maintenance, finance and asset management, facility management and more," a spokesman for the Home Affairs Bureau said. 
     "The licensing regime will set a minimum qualification requirement for PMCs and PMPs, and will raise the professional standards, increase public awareness of the importance of engaging a qualified PMC, and promote the concept of maintaining building safety and value through continuous effective building management."

     The PMSO provides for a single-tier licensing regime of PMCs, which are business entities that carry on the business of providing property management services. The PMSO also provides for a two-tier licensing regime of PMPs (i.e. PMP (Tier 1) licence and PMP (Tier 2) licence). Only those PMPs who assume a managerial or supervisory role in a PMC in relation to property management services provided by the PMC will be subject to licensing. Frontline staff will not be required to obtain PMP licences. Pursuant to the PMSO, the PMSA may, by regulation, prescribe various matters, including a service as a property management service, in respect of which conditions may be imposed on a licence (including a provisional licence), and the fees that may be payable in an application for a licence or the renewal of a licence.

     "To allow time for the existing PMCs and PMPs to prepare themselves for the licensing regime, a three-year transitional period will be allowed after the implementation of the licensing regime," the spokesman added.

     The PMSA is a statutory body established under the PMSO to, among others, regulate the provision of property management services by the licensing of PMCs and PMPs, and promote the integrity, competence and professionalism of the property management profession.
     The Commencement Notice will be tabled before the Legislative Council for negative vetting on May 27. Subject to its passage, the PMSA will start implementing the licensing regime on August 1, 2020. The transitional period will end on July 31, 2023.
     For any enquiries on the details of the licensing regime, please contact the PMSA at 3696 1111, or visit the website of the PMSA (

Ends/Friday, May 22, 2020
Issued at HKT 9:30