Anti-epidemic Support Scheme for Property Management Sector under Anti-epidemic Fund continues to disburse subsidies

     The Anti-epidemic Support Scheme for Property Management Sector (ASPM) under the Anti-epidemic Fund is open for applications and continues to disburse subsidies. 

     The ASPM is implemented by the Property Management Services Authority (PMSA). As of today (May 16), the PMSA has received over 8 700 applications for the ASPM, of which over 5 400 applications have been approved. The approved applications involve subsidies of over $200 million and benefit more than 27 200 building blocks and around 51 300 front-line property management (PM) workers. Please refer to the website of the PMSA ( for the names of the properties for which applications have been approved.

     The Government launched the ASPM under the Anti-epidemic Fund to subsidise owners' organisations (OOs) or PM companies of eligible buildings to provide the Anti-epidemic Hardship Allowance to the front-line PM workers. The ASPM will also provide the Anti-epidemic Cleansing Subsidy to OOs or PM companies. Phase I of the ASPM covers private residential and composite (i.e. commercial cum residential) buildings, whereas Phase II of the ASPM covers industrial and commercial buildings (including shopping malls). 

     The application deadlines for Phase I and Phase II of the ASPM are May 31 and June 15 respectively. Eligible PM companies and OOs are reminded to submit their applications to the PMSA as soon as practicable. For details on the ASPM, please contact the PMSA at 3696 1156 or 3696 1166, or visit the website of the PMSA.

Ends/Saturday, May 16, 2020
Issued at HKT 9:00