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Transcript of remarks by SHA at media session
     Following is the transcript of remarks by the Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Caspar Tsui, at a media session after attending a radio programme today (May 10):

Reporter: First of all, you mentioned about the re-opening of facilities under the LCSD (Leisure and Cultural Services Department). Can you give us more details on the exact crowd control or management of the number of people, measures within different facilities?

Secretary for Home Affairs: At the end of April, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has announced a list of relaxation and new arrangements for our facilities. Tomorrow I think it's a good time to relax and to introduce new arrangements on the change room and shower facilities. It will be similar to those the fitness centres and some of the clubs have adopted in the past few days. Most of the details, we will release the details so that the public will understand how to follow the guidelines. Basically, it's likely that we are going to separate some shower facilities, so they (people) are not standing too close to each other. And of course, the normal procedures such as to check the body temperature, all that will be in place as well. But the details, we will have those released later today.

Reporter: I also would like to ask about District Council meetings. We've seen since the election of the District Council, a lot of the meetings have ended up in either chaos or like government official representatives pulling out of the meetings. And the last one, the Central and Western District Council meeting, actually the conference room wasn't even available for District Councillors to meet. Looking at these confrontations, does your bureau, now that you are in your job, do you have a plan to mend ties with District Councillors? And do you foresee actually more confrontations and I mean, can we see what actually be done with the District Councils this year?

Secretary for Home Affairs: Like earlier at the show (the radio programme), I've also mentioned that the District Council is an important partner for the Government. In the past few months, I have witnessed and the number shows that if they are willing to follow proper procedures, a lot of motions and funding can be approved. And I've noticed most of the discussed topics and items are very much related to important district events, cultural facilities and traffic problems. I think no matter which political spectrum the majority are in the District Council, over a lot of livelihood issues, there aren't much of a difference between what they are concerned about. So I do look forward to really engaging them and see how we can work together. Just like I've mentioned before, in the past several terms, the District Councils (DC) were not only enhanced in funding, we actually introduced more responsibilities and given them to the District Council to administrate the district. So whether or not we work together, needs togetherness, I can't work if they are not willing to also work together, right?

     I have received letters from the DC saying that they want to meet. I'm organising such a meeting and I look forward to really sitting down with them and see how we will continue to move forward.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)
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