Chinese medicine outpatient rehabilitation service for COVID-19-discharged patients

     The Food and Health Bureau (FHB) announced today (April 23) the launching of the Special Chinese Medicine (CM) Out-patient Programme in the Chinese Medicine Clinic cum Training and Research Centre (CMCTR) tomorrow (April 24), which will provide free CM outpatient rehabilitation service to discharged persons who have received COVID-19 treatment.
     The Government has all along been committed to promoting the development of CM in Hong Kong and has incorporated CM into the healthcare system in Hong Kong. The CMCTR operates on a tripartite collaboration model involving the Hospital Authority (HA), a non-governmental organisation and a local university. The service not only provides an alternative rehabilitation treatment for COVID-19-discharged patients, but also fosters the integration of CM and Western medicine and the development of related CM clinical studies.
     The CMCTR providing the aforementioned service will provide a maximum of 10 free CM general consultations within six months from the discharge date of the patients, with no more than five doses of CM prescribed per visit according to their clinical needs (acupuncture, bone-setting (Tui-na) and other treatments are not included in this special rehabilitation programme). Patients will be given a letter with information and enrollment details of the Programme upon their discharge. Participation in the Programme is voluntary. Patients who wish to participate in the Programme should call the CMCTR to make an appointment and bring the letter as well as relevant documents to the CMCTR for the free CM consultations.
     "The Special Chinese Medicine Out-patient Programme provides COVID-19-discharged patients with an alternative rehabilitation treatment, while enabling the CM industry to assume a more active role in our anti-epidemic work. The Government has all along been maintaining close liaisons with the CM industry, providing them with updated information and guidelines on combating the epidemic such that we may make concerted efforts in the prevention and control of COVID-19. In the long run, the role of CM in the healthcare system in Hong Kong will be enhanced. We would further strengthen training for CM practitioners and improve the ability of the industry in handling public health issues through the Chinese Medicine Development Fund, the CMCTRs in each of the 18 districts and the network of the future Chinese Medicine Hospital so that the strengths of CM will be given full play with a view to better protecting public health," a spokesman for the FHB said.
     For details, please contact the Chinese Medicine Department of the HA at 2794 3068.

Ends/Thursday, April 23, 2020
Issued at HKT 18:29