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Transcript of remarks by SHA (with photo)
     ​Following is the transcript of remarks at a media session by the Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Caspar Tsui, before attending the Legislative Council meeting today (April 23):
Reporter: Can you explain why Government has cut funding for some District Councils under this coronavirus outbreak? And also, given your background as a DAB member, how do you make sure that you would maintain your impartiality when allocating resources for these District Councils, especially when they are now dominated by the pro-democracy camp?
Secretary for Home Affairs: Thank you for your questions. I have been in the Government for almost three terms. In terms of the district issues, I noted that there is not that much of a difference in terms of the political spectrum, whether you are a pan-democrat or pro-establishment - the most important thing is, we, as the Government, need to work closely with the community. The District Council is an important part of that channel. I really look forward to engaging all sectors of the community, including the District Councils, in the future. Just like I’ve said earlier, under the current pandemic situation, a lot of district activities have been suspended. There is also a need to reserve more funding for the fight against the virus. We are not taking money away for the disease; we are also using the money in the community as well. Like I've said, I really look forward to working with everybody in the future.
(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)
Ends/Thursday, April 23, 2020
Issued at HKT 17:08
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The Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Caspar Tsui, speaks to the media before attending the Legislative Council meeting today (April 23).