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EDB clarification
     In view of public enquiries about an online video clip on "retaliation" recently circulated on YouTube, a spokesman for the Education Bureau (EDB) today (April 1) sternly clarified that the video, which was uploaded by an organisation with a similar name of the Educational Television (ETV), is not produced or authorised to produce by the EDB. The video has nothing to do with the EDB. 

     The spokesman said that as the name of the production organisation is very similar to the ETV and the video has used children and cartoon as entry points, it may mislead people into believing that the video is a teaching material for children. Meanwhile, the content of the video is biased, unfounded and has distorted our value system and spread hatred, which makes people worry that it would cause adverse impact on children.

     The EDB has reported to YouTube. Parents are advised to keep a watchful eye on online information available and prevent their children from being contaminated by this kind of immoral audio-visual materials.

     Regarding the learning and teaching materials developed by the EDB, teachers, students and parents can view the ETV resources via the EDB's official platforms, including the Hong Kong Education City ETV website (www.hkedcity.net/etv/en/), the ETV mobile application and the edbgovhk YouTube.    
Ends/Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Issued at HKT 20:52
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