Adjustment of bus services to and from Airport and HZMB Hong Kong Port

     The Transport Department (TD) announced today (March 28), in view of the implementation of enhanced anti-epidemic measures, among which non-Hong Kong residents coming by plane would be denied entry to Hong Kong with effect from March 25, and the significant drop in the number of cross-boundary passengers using the Airport, the following bus services serving in different districts to and from the Airport and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) Hong Kong Port (HKP) will be adjusted starting from April 1 (Wednesday).
  1. Citybus (CTB) routes No. A11, A21, A22, A29, E23, E23A and N21 – their service headways will be lengthened by not more than 15 minutes throughout the operation period.
  2. Long Win (LWB) routes No. A31, A32, A33X, A36, A37, A41, A41P, A43, E31, E32A, E34A, E34B, E42, NA33 and NA34 – their service headways will be lengthened by not more than 15 minutes during peak hours and adjusted to not more than 60 minutes during non-peak hours.
  3. CTB routes No. A10, A12, A20 and A26, and LWB routes No. A38, A43P and A47X - their service hours will be revised and their headways will be adjusted to or maintained in not more than 60 minutes. For LWB route No. A33, one departure will be operated in each direction during peak hours. Details of the service arrangements are given in the Annex.
  4. CTB routes No. A17, A23 and NA12 (one departure daily) will be suspended due to persistent low passenger demand. Passengers of CTB route No. A17 can take other public transport services and interchange with CTB route Nos. A11 or A12. Passengers of CTB route No. A23 can take alternative services operating in the vicinity, such as CTB routes No. A22, E23 or E23A, etc. Passengers of CTB route No. NA12 can take NWFB routes No. N8, N8P or CTB N8X and interchange with CTB route No. NA11.

     Passengers going to and from the Airport and HZMB HKP, apart from taking those Airport bus routes in service and making interchanges, may also consider taking Airport Express and interchanging with other bus services. Passengers are advised to check with the public transport operators concerned on the detailed service arrangements and allow sufficient traveling time.

     The TD has approved the service adjustments of the relevant bus routes for a period of seven days. We will take into consideration the actual circumstances to review the service adjustments each week and keep contact with the bus companies to adjust the services according to the needs of passengers. Passengers should pay attention to the Government's latest announcements.

Ends/Saturday, March 28, 2020
Issued at HKT 23:25