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Police appeal to public procession participants to mind personal safety
Attention duty announcers, radio and TV stations:
Please broadcast the following message as soon as possible and repeat it at suitable intervals:

     Police mounted an operation this morning (December 8) and arrested eight men and three women for "Possession of Firearm without Licence", “Possession of Dangerous Goods”, “Possession of Prohibited Weapons” and "Unlawful Assembly", etc. A large amount of weapons, including one firearm and over a hundred bullets were seized.  Intelligence suggested that the gang planned to use the weapons during the public procession today and to frame Police.
     Police appeal to all participants to protest in a peaceful manner and mind their personal safety. If any suspicious item is found, please leave the scene and stay in safe places, inform the marshals at scene or call the Police immediately.
     In the interest of public safety, Police remind the organiser to keep close contact with Police so that timely arrangement can be made if necessary.
Ends/Sunday, December 8, 2019
Issued at HKT 15:15
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