Electoral Affairs Commission appeals to venue managements to allow continuation of count

The following is issued on behalf of the Electoral Affairs Commission:

     The Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) made the following appeal this morning (November 25):

     After the close of poll of the 2019 District Council Ordinary Election last night (November 24), most of the polling stations were converted to counting stations for the counting of votes.

     Under normal circumstances, vote count at counting stations is usually complete within hours, enabling Presiding Officers to return the venues to restore their original functions at about 6am on Monday. However, as the voter turnout was relatively high, more time is still needed to complete the count in some counting stations. The venues cannot be returned at 6am as planned. That said, the EAC hopes and endeavours to complete the count and return the venues as soon as possible.

     The EAC appeals to the managements and users of the affected venues to appreciate that the EAC has the responsibility to ensure that this important public election is conducted openly, fairly and honestly. The EAC also hopes that the community would bear with the inconvenience resulting from not being able to return the venues on time to restore their original functions. The election, an extremely solemn event, has no room for mistakes in the count. The EAC hopes the venue managements would allow the counting staff to continue to use the counting stations to complete the count as soon as possible. The staff of the relevant venues may as a result need to take some contingent measures and users of the venues would need to bear with some inconvenience, but the EAC trusts that the smooth conduct of the election is a hope that the community share.

Ends/Monday, November 25, 2019
Issued at HKT 5:51