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Police open fire in Tsing Yi
     Police are investigating a Police open fire case in Tsing Yi in the small hours of today (November 16).

     At about 4.30am, when police officers were conducting an anti-burglary operation in the vicinity of Kwai Wo Street and Kwai Tak Street, they spotted a suspicious private car stopping at Kwai Wo Street. Two men got off from the vehicle and stole the car plates from another private car. When officers attempted to intercept the men, aged 27 and 43 respectively, they fiercely resisted and the 43-year-old man assaulted police officers with a screwdriver who was then subdued by officers. The 27-year-old man got on the private car and left.

     When officers attempted to intercept the private car, the 27-year-old man tried to knock down a police officer with the vehicle. The officer gave verbal warnings to the man but in vain, and subsequently fired three shots at him. The man was subdued by officers at last. Sustaining shot wounds to his arm and armpit, the man was sent to Princess Margaret Hospital in conscious state.

     The two men were arrested for theft from vehicle and assaulting police officer, and the 27-year-old man was also arrested for furious driving. The two men are being detained for enquiries.

     Investigation by the Regional Crime Unit of New Territories South is underway.
Ends/Saturday, November 16, 2019
Issued at HKT 22:41
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