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Government condemns illegal and violent acts
      Illegal protests took place in various districts across the territory for the third day in a row yesterday (November 13), seriously affecting the public. Rioters took the opportunity to commit such violent acts as arson, hurling petrol bombs and attacking other members of the public in different districts, jeopardizing public safety. A Government spokesman strongly condemns the illegal and violent acts of protesters and rioters.
      In the past few days, protesters blocked roads in various districts, with nails being placed on roads and various objects put on railway tracks.  Rioters even vandalised buses and public facilities as well as hurled petrol bombs at trains with passengers on board. Besides, masked rioters assembled in different places, threw objects from height, vandalised and set fires to shopping malls, the toll plaza of the Cross Harbor Tunnel and other places as well as attacked police officers with lethal weapons, burnt down a police vehicle and hurled multiple petrol bombs. Some rioters also  wantonly attacked and injured other members of the public, with some still in critical condition at the moment.

     The protestors and rioters' acts caused serious disruptions to traffic, bringing grave inconvenience to members of the public and hindering emergency services. The violent acts by the rioters are very dangerous and pose a serious threat to the safety of members of the public and police officers. The Government strongly condemns the protesters and rioters who disregarded law and order and deprived the freedom and rights of other members of the public.

     With traffic interruptions, the Government is grateful to the civil servants, public service providers and people from all walks of life for standing fast at their posts, and to employers for showing compassion and adopting flexible work arrangements for affected employees.
Ends/Thursday, November 14, 2019
Issued at HKT 1:48
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