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Taiwan must clear hurdle and return Taiwan homicide case to judicial system for handling
     The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government today (October 25) made the following statement:

     Regarding the decision of the Taiwan homicide case suspect Chan to voluntarily face trial in Taiwan, Hong Kong has contacted Taiwan's relevant authorities and communicated with the latter on the relevant arrangements. Since Chan expressed that recently there had been different legal views and comments surrounding his case, he would consolidate the opinions and consult his legal representative, in order that he could face a fair trial in Taiwan. As Chan has served his sentence and has been discharged from prison, he is now a free man. With regard to when he will go to Taiwan, it is Chan's decision. The HKSAR Government must respect Chan's wish and cannot force him against his will. This has nothing to do with the so-called "political maneuvering". In order to ensure Chan can enter Taiwan smoothly, Hong Kong calls on Taiwan authorities to clear the hurdle for Chan's entry as soon as possible and return the handling of the case to the judicial system.

     Hong Kong reiterates that Chan's decision to turn himself in to Taiwan is out of his own free will. Taiwan should not irresponsibly question Chan's motivation and politicise the case, as Chan is a remorseful young man and he is willing to face his guilt. Chan's decision should be regarded as a necessary account to the deceased and her family members, as well as out of respect to Taiwan's legal system. We hope that Taiwan authorities would handle the case pragmatically to allow this young man to have a fair trial and give him an opportunity for self-redemption.

     Upholding the rule of law and acting in accordance with the law has always been the stance of the Hong Kong and this has never changed. Taiwan should respect Hong Kong's adoption of territoriality principle in respect of criminal jurisdiction in its judicial system, and stop misleading the public by wrongly accusing Hong Kong of failing to exercise its jurisdiction over the case. The comment that there was no trial in Hong Kong is totally unfounded. In fact, Chan has already faced trial in Hong Kong court. He was convicted and sentenced to jail, and has already been discharged upon serving the sentence. We hope Taiwan authorities could show its sincerity, understand and facilitate Chan's wish to shoulder criminal responsibility so as to let the rule of law and justice prevail.
Ends/Friday, October 25, 2019
Issued at HKT 22:00
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