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Government's proposed helping measures to transport trades
     The Government today (October 22) announced the introduction of a six-month fuel subsidy or a one-off subsidy to assist the transport trades in coping with the operating pressure in the current economic environment. The proposed measures are as follows:

     1) Taxis and Public Light Buses (PLBs): Offer a $1.0 discount per litre of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) (i.e. approximately a one-third discount) for six months for LPG taxis and PLBs, and reimburse one-third of the actual diesel cost for six months for each diesel PLB;

     2) Franchised buses and ferries: Reimburse one-third of the actual fuel cost for six months for the five franchised bus companies and 22 franchised and licensed ferry services;

     3) Tramways: Reimburse one-third of the actual electricity cost for six months for the Hong Kong Tramways Limited; and

     4) Non-franchised buses and goods vehicles: Provide a one-off non-accountable subsidy of $5,000 for each licensed non-franchised bus and goods vehicle. Holders of valid vehicle licences of non-franchised buses and goods vehicles as at today (October 22) will be given the proposed subsidy.

     "Having noted that the vehicle licences of some non-franchised buses/goods vehicles have expired and have not been renewed, registered owners of non-franchised buses/goods vehicles will be given the subsidy if he/she has ever held valid vehicle licences of the concerned non-franchised buses/goods vehicles between June 1 and October 21, 2019 and if they renew the vehicle licences within six months from today (i.e. until April 21, 2020). In any circumstance, the subsidy will be provided to each non-franchised bus/goods vehicle once only," the spokesman said.

     The Government plans to consult the Legislative Council Panel on Transport on the implementation details in early 2020.  Funding approval will be sought in accordance with the established mechanism. The Government will inform the trades of the details in due course.
Ends/Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Issued at HKT 18:32
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