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Self-surrender case can be fully handled outside criminal juridical assistance mechanism
     In response to Taiwan's repeated statements that the surrender of suspect Chan of the Taiwan homicide case can only be handled within the mutual legal assistance framework, the Security Bureau made the following statement today (October 21):

     The suspect of the Taiwan homicide case Chan has decided to surrender himself voluntarily to Taiwan upon prison discharge. The surrender does not present any obstacle in terms of legal principles and procedures, and has nothing to do with whether there is any mechanism for long-term criminal juridical assistance or not. The case can totally be handled independently.

     Indeed, having regard to the objective of crime fighting and upholding justice, it is common practice for jurisdictions around the world to receive self-surrender persons wanted by them as soon as possible, so that the persons can be held for case investigation, interrogation and prosecution. The jurisdiction concerned would not make excuses, cause unreasonable delay or even intentionally refuse the wanted person's entry, as this runs contrary to the objective of listing a person as being wanted.

     It must be emphasised that Chan will be a free man upon prison discharge. It is up to him whether to go to Taiwan. Chan's voluntary surrender is out of his own free will. It has been widely known by those who are aware of the Taiwan homicide case that the crime of homicide occurred in Taiwan, with the body of the deceased, key witnesses and relevant evidence all in Taiwan. Taiwan has absolute jurisdiction over the homicide case. If Chan surrenders himself, the authority of Taiwan would have the pre-requisites of conducting formal investigation, taking Chan's statement, collecting evidence and prosecuting Chan. If the subject and relevant persons give consent, case evidence can be provided. There is absolutely no hurdle in doing so. We shall leave it to the community to judge the implications of Chan's surrender on resolving the Taiwan homicide case, and who is actually maneuvering the situation unreasonably.

     It has been the core value of every jurisdiction and its authority to uphold fairness, righteousness and justice. The Taiwan homicide case involves the destruction of a young life and a remorseful young man who has come round and wishes to shoulder his responsibility. The Security Bureau hopes that the Taiwan authority would uphold justice, return fairness to the deceased, give a chance for the suspect to redeem himself, and heal the soul of the deceased's family. We hope the authority would handle the matter pragmatically and in accordance with common sense.
Ends/Monday, October 21, 2019
Issued at HKT 20:05
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