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Police strongly condemn law-breaking behaviours
     A public procession was held in Sheung Shui yesterday (July 13). It started from the basketball court outside North District Sports Ground at 3.30pm and ended at about 5pm as announced by the organiser.   

     After that, a large number of people assembled unlawfully along Lung Sum Avenue, Lung Wan Street and San Wan Road.  Police found that in a short period of time, a large number of equipment like helmets and goggles were distributed premeditatedly. Some protestors collected a lot of iron poles and other offensive weapons, demolished the railings nearby, and blocked the roads by water barriers, railings and some miscellaneous objects.

     Meanwhile, some protestors argued with other people at scene and attempted to charge and besiege Police officers when the officers intervened. A large number of violent protestors deliberately charged Police cordon lines and attacked Police officers with different weapons and objects including iron poles and suspected irritating powder and liquid, causing injuries to the limbs and faces of a number of Police officers. Ten officers were discharged from hospital after receiving treatment.

     After repeated but futile warnings, Police took actions to disperse the protestors at around 8pm.  The dispersal action was concluded at 10.30pm yesterday and all the blocked roads were reopened.  During the operation yesterday, Police arrested two men for unlawful assembly and non-payment of fine.

     One of the arrestees was suspected of obstructing the advance of Police cordon line. When Police tried to approach the man for enquiry, he suddenly escaped.  When arrived at a footbridge connecting Landmark North, he strode over the railings and attempted to jump off the footbridge.  Police officers immediately held the man and rescued him.  After initial investigation, he was arrested for unlawful assembly.

     During the operation yesterday, Police found that certain Legislative Council (LegCo) members and other people stood before the Police cordon lines, blocking officers in moving forward. This not only obstructed Police in performing their duties but also caused danger to the personal safety of LegCo members themselves as well as Police officers, reporters and protestors.  Members of the public should not obstruct Police’s operations by any means or they might be liable to the offence of obstructing Police officers.

     Police strongly condemn the deliberate attacks by violent protestors and stress that Police will investigate and resolutely pursue all illegal and violent acts.
Ends/Sunday, July 14, 2019
Issued at HKT 2:53
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