Steering Group discusses views collected in public engagement on improved designs for recycling and refuse collection facilities in public places

     The Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, chaired the eighth meeting of the Steering Group on the Modification of Recycling and Refuse Collection Facilities in Public Places today (July 4) to discuss the views collected during Phase 1 of the Public Engagement (PE) on recycling and refuse collection facilities in public places and corresponding design improvements.

     The Steering Group commissioned a consultancy which, with the aid of prototypes based on previous discussion of conceptual designs, conducted Phase 1 of the PE to collect views on handling and design details of litter containers and recycling bins from front-line staff, members of staff unions, the cleaning industry, the design industry and academia. More than 250 people participated in the PE, including over 140 front-line staff. The participants supported the conceptual designs for litter containers and recycling bins in general, including the use of conspicuous colours for bin shells, specialised shapes for bin openings targeting different recyclables, and a transparent panel for indoor recycling bins. 

     Mr Wong said, "The Steering Group attaches great importance to the views of participants. We are glad to learn that most views considered that the new conceptual designs meet relevant occupational safety and health needs, including measures to reduce lifting. The Steering Group is supportive of the design modifications made by the consultancy in response to the views collected. The consultancy will further collect views from various stakeholders during Phase 2 of the PE programme, to be conducted in the near future, to optimise the design.

     To support the implementation of municipal solid waste charging, the Steering Group was set up in February 2016 to review the design and distribution of recycling and refuse collection facilities in public places and recommend necessary modifications to facilitate waste reduction and resource recovery in the community. Chaired by the Secretary for the Environment, the Steering Group comprises members from the design, architectural, planning, academic and business sectors; non-profit making groups; and relevant government departments. It also includes district personalities.

Ends/Thursday, July 4, 2019
Issued at HKT 18:16