Appointments to Lump Sum Grant Steering Committee and Lump Sum Grant Independent Complaints Handling Committee

     The Government announced today (April 18) the appointment of three new members and the re-appointment of 10 incumbent members to the Lump Sum Grant Steering Committee (LSGSC). The Government also announced the appointment of two new members and the re-appointment of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and four incumbent members to the Lump Sum Grant Independent Complaints Handling Committee (ICHC). All of the appointments and re-appointments will take effect from April 22, 2019, for a term of two years.

     The LSGSC is chaired by the Director of Social Welfare and comprises 17 non-official members and two ex-officio members. Of the non-official members, six are independent members and the remaining 11 members have backgrounds related to the Lump Sum Grant Subvention System (LSGSS), including members of management of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), service users and staff unions.

     The three new members of the LSGSC are Ms Cynthia Lam Ming-wai, Mr Armstrong Lee Hon-cheung and Mr Lun Chi-wai.

     Ms Cynthia Lam Ming-wai is the Division Head of Shatin Integrated Centre for Youth Development of Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service.

     Mr Armstrong Lee Hon-cheung is the Managing Director of Worldwide Consulting Group Company Limited. He is also a member of the Social Welfare Advisory Committee.

     Mr Lun Chi-wai is the President of the Hong Kong Social Workers' General Union. He is also the Deputy Chairperson of the Social Workers Registration Board.

     Ten incumbent members, namely Ms Tammy Chan Yee-ching, Mr Francis Chau Yin-ming, Mr Stephen Hung Wan-shun, Ms Alice Lau Oi-sze, Dr Jane Lee Ching-yee, Ms Teresa Lee Siu-hong, Miss Irene Leung Pui-yiu, Ms Rebecca Ng Pui-ling, Mr Sin Kin-ming and Dr Ricky Szeto Wing-fu, have been re-appointed.

     The ICHC comprises eight non-official independent individuals.

     The two new members of the ICHC are Ms Teresa Au Pui-yee and Miss Alexis Pang Tsz-ming.

     Ms Teresa Au Pui-yee is the Managing Director of Gold Spring Investment Limited and Goldwell Creation Limited.

     Miss Alexis Pang Tsz-ming is the Assistant Project Manager of the Department of Education Studies of Hong Kong Baptist University.

     The Government has re-appointed Dr David Dai Lok-kwan as the Chairman, Mr Albert Wong Shun-yee as the Vice-Chairman, and four incumbent members, namely Ms Ivy Au Yeung Lai-ling, Mr David Chan Wai-ming, Mr Dennis Fong Wai-kuk and Mr Raymond Wong Ka-ning.

     The LSGSC was reconstituted in April 2009 to strengthen its role and composition as recommended by the Review Report on the LSGSS issued in December 2008. Apart from monitoring the implementation of the LSGSS and identifying areas for improvement, it also monitors the implementation of the recommendations in the Review Report and facilitates sharing of information and experience among the Social Welfare Department (SWD), NGOs, their staff and service users.

     The ICHC was set up in April 2009 according to a recommendation of the Review Report. It handles Lump Sum Grant-related complaints that cannot be dealt with satisfactorily by subvented NGOs. It also relays decisions and recommendations to the SWD for appropriate follow-up action to enhance the LSGSS.

     The membership list of the LSGSC with effect from April 22, 2019, is as follows:

Director of Social Welfare

Non-official members
Ms Au Chor-kwan
Ms Anna May Chan Mei-lan
Ms Tammy Chan Yee-ching
Mr Francis Chau Yin-ming
Mr Chua Hoi-wai
Mr Stephen Hung Wan-shun
Ms Cynthia Lam Ming-wai
Ms Alice Lau Oi-sze
Dr Jane Lee Ching-yee
Mr Armstrong Lee Hon-cheung
Mr Lee Siu-chung
Ms Teresa Lee Siu-hong
Miss Irene Leung Pui-yiu
Mr Lun Chi-wai
Ms Rebecca Ng Pui-ling
Mr Sin Kin-ming
Dr Ricky Szeto Wing-fu

Ex-officio members
Principal Assistant Secretary for Labour and Welfare (Welfare)1
Assistant Director of Social Welfare (Subventions)

     The membership list of the ICHC with effect from April 22, 2019, is as follows:

Dr David Dai Lok-kwan

Mr Albert Wong Shun-yee

Ms Teresa Au Pui-yee
Ms Ivy Au Yeung Lai-ling
Mr David Chan Wai-ming
Mr Dennis Fong Wai-kuk
Miss Alexis Pang Tsz-ming
Mr Raymond Wong Ka-ning

Ends/Thursday, April 18, 2019
Issued at HKT 11:00