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Foresoon Engineering Company Limited convicted two times for not providing statutory removal service
     Foresoon Engineering Company Limited was convicted and fined $2,500 at the Eastern Magistrates' Courts today (April 8) for contravening the Product Eco-responsibility Ordinance (PERO) again as a result of not providing a consumer with a free statutory removal service and charging the consumer a so-called administrative fee under pretexts when selling printers. On April 2, the company was fined $2,500 for contravening the same ordinance.

     A spokesman for the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) said, in October last year, the department received a complaint from a member of the public again that Foresoon had charged the complainant an administrative fee for the arrangement for a statutory removal service after the sale of a printer. Subsequently, Foresoon not only did not carry out the removal arrangement for the old printer, but also falsely claimed that there was no refund as it had passed the administrative fee to the Government. On an earlier conviction, Foresoon refused to offer a free statutory removal service as a consumer was unwilling to pay a so-called administrative fee. The EPD prosecuted Foresoon for contravening the relevant regulations in the above cases under the PERO after gathering evidence.

     The spokesman explained that according to the PERO, which came into effect on August 1 last year, when distributing regulated electrical equipment (REE), sellers must have a removal service plan endorsed by the EPD and proactively inform consumers in writing of the sellers' obligation for the provision of a free statutory removal service as well as the relevant removal terms. Moreover, sellers must arrange a free removal service for consumers to dispose of the same type of waste equipment and provide a recycling label and a receipt containing the prescribed wording when distributing REE.

     The spokesman reminded all the relevant sellers not to make up excuses so as to refuse to provide consumers with a free statutory removal service, or charge consumers for a statutory removal service under different pretexts and through making false statements. Otherwise, they may contravene the PERO. First-time offenders are liable to a maximum fine of $5,000 to $100,000. A maximum fine of $10,000 to $200,000 may be imposed on second or subsequent convictions.

     The spokesman urged members of the public to make a report to the EPD immediately if they find any seller not conforming to the aforementioned requirements when purchasing electrical and electronic equipment. The EPD will take strict enforcement actions against sellers who violate the PERO.
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