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LCSD releases Report of Investigation and Examination on Allocation of Use of Swimming Lanes in Public Swimming Pools
     In response to media enquiries on the use of swimming lanes in public swimming pools under priority allocation by the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association (HKASA) and its three affiliated clubs, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) today (March 18) released the results of the department's investigation and examination report.

     After investigating and examining the information and reports submitted by the HKASA and its three affiliated clubs, the LCSD found no substantive evidence suggesting that the three swimming clubs had transferred the swimming lanes or used the swimming lanes allocated by priority for profit-making purposes.

     However, the department has found room for improvement in various aspects taking into consideration the above investigation and examination, and after revisiting the Central Lane Allocation System (CLAS). 

     A spokesman for the LCSD said the department would implement improvement and enhancement measures in a number of areas based on the findings of the investigation and examination. These include strengthening the requirements and enhancing the declaration system to ensure that the swimming lanes allocated under CLAS will be used for organising non-profit-making activities by non-profit-making organisations; improving the appointment of agents by and financial arrangements of various major national sports associations (NSAs)/sports clubs and their affiliated clubs; demanding NSAs/sports clubs to establish a fair, impartial and open internal system for the allocation of swimming lanes, including enhancing the mechanism of interest declaration and avoidance of conflicts of interest, increasing transparency, and establishing an appeal mechanism; and reinforcing the monitoring role of NSAs/sports clubs as well as establishing/enhancing the monitoring mechanism and non-compliance penalty system. In addition, the LCSD will review and enhance the CLAS regularly, and revise the booking arrangement of public swimming pools and the relevant guidelines to further set out the requirements clearly. 

     Apart from the CLAS, the LCSD has also reviewed the booking mechanism through the Booking Procedure for Use of Public Swimming Pools and extended relevant improvement and enhancement measures to the booking of swimming lanes through such procedures, the spokesman added.

     The investigation and examination report has been uploaded to the department's website (www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/aboutlcsd/ppr/investigation/Swimming_Lanes_Report_en.pdf).
Ends/Monday, March 18, 2019
Issued at HKT 17:40
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