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Award Scheme for Learning Experiences under Qualifications Framework opens for applications
     The 2019-20 Award Scheme for Learning Experiences (Award Scheme) under the Qualifications Framework (QF) will be open for applications from today (March 15) until May 24. Practitioners from 23 industries implementing the QF (see Annex) are welcome to apply.
     The Award Scheme aims to encourage outstanding or emerging practitioners to engage in learning activities held locally or around the world with a view to broadening their horizons and keeping abreast of the latest developments of the industry. Through participating in the learning activities, practitioners can get acquainted and establish a rapport with local and overseas counterparts.
     A spokesman for the Education Bureau said that the Award Scheme was launched in 2013-14. In the past six years, the Award Scheme attracted more than 1,100 applicants from different industries, of which over 350 received awards. Over 60 per cent of the awardees participated in overseas learning activities, while the remaining 30 per cent-plus were engaged in local learning activities. The Award Scheme not only afforded practitioners opportunities to broaden their horizons and extend networks, it also helped reinforce their belief in lifelong learning. Through the pursuit of continuous learning, they are able to upgrade themselves, become role models for their respective industries and help promote the QF.

     "The learning activities in which practitioners can participate under the Award Scheme include competitions, seminars, sharing sessions, exhibitions and study tours. Awardees engaging in local learning activities will receive an award of $10,000, while those engaging in learning activities outside Hong Kong will receive an award of $30,000," the spokesman said. Applicants may visit the website www.hkqf.gov.hk/AwardScheme for details of the Award Scheme.
Ends/Friday, March 15, 2019
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