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Lands Department's response on rehousing and ex-gratia allowance application matters of the Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Area
     In response to recent remarks by a concern group that the Lands Department (LandsD) had set a deadline for applying for rehousing and ex-gratia allowances (EGAs) for the Kwu Tung North and Fanling North (KTN and FLN) New Development Area (NDA), a spokesperson for the LandsD made the following clarifications today (March 1):
     The Government is seeking funding approval from the Legislative Council for related works of the KTN and FLN NDA. At present, land resumption and clearance have not commenced.
     The LandsD issued letters to households affected by the KTN and FLN NDA on February 11, 2019, informing them of the procedures of applying for rehousing and EGAs. As the Government notes that the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) will shortly commence the allocation work for public rental housing (PRH) estate units soon to be commissioned within the district, if households affected by the Advance Works and First Stage Works of the NDA hope to be considered for allocation to these new PRH units but have not submitted information to the LandsD for verifying their rehousing eligibility, the LandsD invited them to submit relevant documentary proof on or before March 8, 2019. As for households affected by the Remaining Works of the NDA, the LandsD also issued letters to them in one go to invite their submission of voluntary applications for early departure from and surrendering of their squatter structures, as well as relevant documentary proof, on or before March 8, 2019. The aforementioned arrangements are made in response to the wish of affected households which hope to complete eligibility screening early with a view to moving into newly commissioned PRH units within the district.
     The spokesperson said, “It must be stressed that households’ eligibility of applying for rehousing and EGAs under the system will not be affected as a result of their failure to submit on or before March 8, 2019 the required documentary proof or voluntary applications for early departure from and surrendering of their squatter structures. In other words, this date is not the deadline for submission of applications/information. The LandsD will continue processing applications/information submitted after this date and endeavor to facilitate local rehousing of eligible households. Where submission of applications/information is delayed and does not match with the HKHA’s allocation timetable of newly commissioned PRH units, the concerned households will still be allocated rehousing units so long as they meet the relevant rehousing eligibility criteria. In this regard, the HKHA will arrange for allocation to other PRH units within the same district as far as practicable.”
     If affected households of KTN and FLN have any enquiries about the compensation, allowances and rehousing related to the NDA, they can contact the Clearance (2) Office of the LandsD at 2664 5141. If necessary, households can also seek assistance from the Social Service Team engaged by the Government (Tel: 6601 1673 for KTN or 2503 0818 for FLN). The Social Service Team will refer their cases to relevant government departments for follow-up as appropriate.  
Ends/Friday, March 1, 2019
Issued at HKT 20:08
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