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Annual Survey of Economic Activities for 2018 starts
     The Census and Statistics Department announced today (February 28) the commencement of the Annual Survey of Economic Activities for the reference year of 2018. The survey aims to collect up-to-date statistical data on business performance and operating characteristics of various economic sectors for evaluating their contribution to Hong Kong's Gross Domestic Product. The survey results are useful to both the Government and the private sector in formulating policies and making decisions.

     About 20 000 establishments in various economic sectors are selected to participate in the survey. Questionnaires have been sent to selected establishments individually together with the notification letters. To assist the selected establishments in providing the required information, electronic templates of the questionnaires will also be available upon request.
     The statistical survey is a mandatory one conducted under Part III of the Census and Statistics Ordinance (Chapter 316). According to section 13(1) of the Ordinance, any person to whom a questionnaire relating to a statistical survey is delivered shall complete the questionnaire or cause it to be completed by other persons to the best of his/her knowledge and belief, and in the manner specified in the questionnaire, and then return the questionnaire on or before the specified date. The Ordinance also stipulates that all collected information which may enable identification of individual establishments should be kept in strict confidence. Only aggregate information, which does not reveal details of individual establishments, will be released.
     The Department would like to thank those establishments which had participated in previous rounds of the survey; and appeal to the management of all establishments which have been selected in the current survey round for their co-operation in the survey by returning the completed questionnaires to the Department on or before May 31, 2019.
     The information to be sought in the survey mainly includes type of ownership, origin of investment, number of persons engaged, compensation of employees (including wages, salaries and other employee benefits), operating expenses, business receipts, capital expenditure and other information related to the business operation of the establishments.
     If necessary, census officers of the Department may phone or visit individual establishments to offer assistance in completing the questionnaires. These officers will each carry a Government/Enumerator Identity Card and a certificate for conducting the survey, which are available for inspection.
     Enquiries regarding the survey may be directed to the Economic Surveys Section (1) (Tel: 3903 7131, fax: 2123 1429, email: econq1@censtatd.gov.hk) or Economic Surveys Section (2) (Tel: 3903 7168, fax: 2805 6105, email: econq2@censtatd.gov.hk) of the Department.
Ends/Thursday, February 28, 2019
Issued at HKT 15:00
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