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First Registration Tax concessions for electric private cars - revision of "One-for-One Replacement" Scheme
     The Government announced today (January 28) that the eligibility criteria of ownership period and licensed period of an old private car (Old PC) under the "One-for-One Replacement" Scheme (the Scheme) for electric private cars (e-PCs) are relaxed with effect from today until the end of the Scheme (i.e. March 31, 2021). Relevant criteria are revised as follows:

(a) Ownership period: The PC owner must have been the registered owner of the Old PC for "18 months or more", instead of "three years or more", without interruption, immediately prior to its de-registration; and

(b) Licensed period: The Old PC, with or without interruption, must have been licensed for "at least 10 months (i.e. 304 days or more) within the 12 months immediately before its de-registration", instead of "at least 20 months (i.e. 608 days or more) within the 24 months immediately before its de-registration".

     A Government spokesman said, "Since the launch of the Scheme, the Government has received views for review and relaxation of the eligibility criteria of Old PC, so that more PC owners could fulfil the eligibility criteria for the Scheme. The Government examined these views and decided to relax the above eligibility criteria."

     The spokesman added, "Except for the above criteria on ownership period and licensed period, all other eligibility criteria and application procedures will remain unchanged". The revised eligibility criteria for the Scheme are listed in the Annex.

     The spokesman also reminded PC owners to check the details of the Scheme before scrapping their Old PC. Details of the revised Scheme have been uploaded to the Transport Department (TD)’s website (www.td.gov.hk). 

     For enquiries, please contact the TD's Hong Kong Licensing Office at 2804 2270.
Ends/Monday, January 28, 2019
Issued at HKT 8:45
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