2019 Village Representative Election: RR Elections turnout rates (as at 3pm)

     Turnout rates for the Resident Representative (RR) Elections in the 2019 Village Representative Election which began at noon today (January 6) are set out according to the respective Rural Committees as follows (as at 3pm):
Lamma Island (North) Rural Committee
(Tai Wan San Tsuen)
Turnout rate: 47.06%
Lamma Island (South) Rural Committee
(Mo Tat, Sok Kwu Wan)
Turnout rate: 35.29%
Mui Wo Rural Committee
(Chung Hau (South))
Turnout rate: 30.03%
South Lantao Rural Committee
(Ham Tin, Pui O Lo Uk Tsuen, Pui O Lo Wai, Shui Hau)
Turnout rate: 45.71%
Sha Tau Kok District Rural Committee
(Sha Tau Kok Market (East), Sha Tau Kok Market (West Lower), Tam Shui Hang, Wu Kau Tang, Yim Tso Ha and Pok Tau Ha)
Turnout rate: 34.55%
Ta Kwu Ling District Rural Committee
(Lei Uk, Lo Wu, Muk Wu, Nga Yiu, Ping Yeung, Tai Po Tin, Tong Fong)
Turnout rate: 40.93%
Sai Kung
Hang Hau Rural Committee
(Pan Long Wan, Po Toi O, Sheung Sze Wan, Tai Po Tsai)
Turnout rate: 32.26%
Sha Tin
Sha Tin Rural Committee
(Ha Keng Hau, Ha Wo Che, Sha Tin Tau and Lee Uk, Tai Shui Hang, Wo Liu Hang)
Turnout rate: 27.68%
Tai Po
Tai Po Rural Committee
(Chai Kek, Kau Lung Hang, Lai Chi Shan, Lung Mei, Po Sam Pai, She Shan, Shek Kwu Lung, Sheung Wun Yiu, Tai Hang, Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po Mei, Ting Kok, Tung Tsz, Wai Tau Tsuen, Yuen Leng Lei Uk)
Turnout rate: 33.20%
Yuen Long
Kam Tin Rural Committee
(Tsz Tong Tsuen)
Turnout rate: 36.17%
Yuen Long
Ping Shan Rural Committee
(Fung Chi Tsuen, Hung Uk Tsuen, Mong Tseng Tsuen
Ng Uk Tsuen, Sha Kong Wai, Shan Ha Tsuen, Tai To Tsuen, Tan Kwai Tsuen, Tong Yan San Tsuen (I))
Turnout rate: 34.74%
Yuen Long
San Tin Rural Committee
(Chau Tau, Fan Tin San Yi Cho, Ha Wan Tsuen, Lok Ma Chau, Mai Po Tsuen, Pun Uk Tsuen, San Wai (I), San Wai (II), Wai Tsai, Wing Ping Tsuen, Yan Sau Wai, Yau Tam Mei (I), Yau Tam Mei (II))
Turnout rate: 38.77%
Total turnout rate: 35.05%

Ends/Sunday, January 6, 2019
Issued at HKT 16:53