Appointment of Non-official Members to ICAC-Related Committees

     The Government announced today (December 21) that the Chief Executive has made appointments and re-appointments to the four Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) advisory committees, namely the Advisory Committee on Corruption (ACOC), the Operations Review Committee (ORC), the Corruption Prevention Advisory Committee (CPAC) and the Citizens Advisory Committee on Community Relations (CACCR), and to the ICAC Complaints Committee (ICC). All of the appointments and re-appointments are for a term of two years with effect from January 1, 2019.  


     The Chief Executive has appointed Mr Martin Liao Cheung-kong as Chairman and Ms Irene Chow Man-ling as a member of the ACOC. Legislative Council (LegCo) Members Mr Chan Hak-kan and Mr Abraham Shek Lai-him, and Mrs Carrie Yau Tsang Ka-lai have also been re-appointed to the ACOC as members.  

     Mr Martin Liao Cheung-kong is a barrister in private practice. He is currently serving on the Executive Council and the LegCo.    

     Ms Irene Chow Man-ling is a Certified Financial Analyst. She is the Honorary Chairman of the Youth Committee under the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong.    

     The ACOC advises the Commissioner of the ICAC (the Commissioner) on any aspects of corruption problems in Hong Kong, and keeps the operational, staffing and administrative policies of the ICAC under review.  


     The Chief Executive has appointed Mr Michael Ho Mun-ka, Mr Paul Lam Ting-kwok and Ms Nicole Yuen Shuk-kam as members of the ORC. Mr John Chan Chong-kun, LegCo Member Mr Ronick Chan Chun-ying, Mr Chew Fook-aun, Mr Hans Michael Jebsen, Professor Paul Lam Kwan-sing and Dr Kelvin Wong Tin-yau have also been re-appointed to the ORC as members.

     Mr Michael Ho Mun-ka was a Registered Nurse before his retirement. He is also a former LegCo Member.
     Mr Paul Lam Ting-kwok is a Senior Counsel. He is currently Chairman of the Administrative Appeals Board as well as the Appeal Board (Amusement Game Centres).   

     Ms Nicole Yuen Shuk-kam used to work in the investment banking field. She now serves on the Process Review Panel in relation to the Regulation of Mandatory Provident Fund Intermediaries and the Statistics Advisory Board.    

     The ORC oversees all the ICAC investigations. It reviews corruption complaints received and investigations conducted by the ICAC to ensure that they are handled effectively and efficiently. It also examines circumstances where search warrants are authorised by the Commissioner, where persons have been put on bail for more than six months, and where investigations have been lasting for over a year or require substantial resources.


     The Chief Executive has appointed Mr Winson Woo Lap-kee as a member of the CPAC. Ms Kuby Chan Yin-hung, Mr Sunny Cheung Yiu-tong, Mr Alex Chu Wing-yiu, Mr Stephen Lai Yuk-fai, Mrs Yvonne Law Shing Mo-han, Ms Melissa Kaye Pang and Miss Theresa Yeung Wing-shan have also been re-appointed to the CPAC as members.   

     Mr Winson Woo Lap-kee is a partner of an international accounting firm.  He specialises in applying big data analytics and technologies in managing fraud and various types of risks.  

     The CPAC receives and calls for reports from the ICAC about practices and procedures of government departments, public bodies and the private sector which may be conducive to corruption. It also advises the Commissioner on what areas should be examined and the degree of priority to be accorded to each.


     The Chief Executive has appointed Mr Mac Chan Ho-ting, Mr Eddy Hui Shun, Mr Chris Ip Ngo-tung, Mr Webster Ng Kam-wah, Mr Victor Pang Wing-seng, Mr Rocky Tung Yat-ngok and Mr Wong Wai-kit as members of the CACCR. Ms Chan Yuen-ling, Ms Julianne Pearl Doe, Professor Anthony Fung Ying-him and Mr James Mok Hon-fai have also been re-appointed to the CACCR as members.  

     Mr Mac Chan Ho-ting is a young solicitor. He is currently serving on several advisory bodies, including the Lantau Development Advisory Committee and the Youth Development Commission.

     Mr Eddy Hui Shun is an expert in the creative and multimedia industry.  He is currently a member of the CreateSmart Initiative Vetting Committee and a co-opted member of the CACCR.

     Mr Chris Ip Ngo-tung is the Chairman of Yau Tsim Mong District Council.  He is also a member of the Municipal Services Appeals Board and a board member of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority.

     Mr Webster Ng Kam-wah is a professional accountant. He is currently Vice-President of the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong and a member of the Lotteries Fund Advisory Committee.

     Mr Victor Pang Wing-seng is the Director and General Manager of an export company. He currently serves as member on the Award Council of the Hong Kong Award for Young People, the Joint Committee on Student Finance and the Fight Crime Committee.  

     Mr Rocky Tung Yat-ngok has ample experience in the field of economic and policy research. He currently works for the CFA Institute, which is a global and not-for-profit association which promotes the highest ethical standards in the investment management industry.    

     Mr Wong Wai-kit is the Vice Chairman of the Tsuen Wan District Council. He is also a member of the Municipal Services Appeals Board and the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education.

     The CACCR advises the Commissioner on appropriate measures to foster public support in combating corruption and to educate the public against the evils of corruption. It also monitors community response to the ICAC's work and public attitudes towards corruption in general.


     The Chief Executive has appointed Miss Maggie Wong Pui-kei and Mr Stephen Yiu Kin-wah as members of the ICC.

     Miss Maggie Wong Pui-kei is a Senior Counsel newly appointed in 2018.  Her practice focuses on criminal law.   

     Mr Stephen Yiu Kin-wah is the former Chairman of an international accounting firm. He currently serves as an independent non-executive director of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited.  

     The ICC monitors the handling of non-criminal complaints against the ICAC, reviews the ICAC procedures and practices which may lead to complaints, and makes recommendations when necessary.

     The Government expresses its gratitude to all outgoing members of the above-mentioned committees who are retiring on December 31, 2018 for their valuable contributions to the work of the respective committees.

     The updated non-official membership lists of the four ICAC advisory committees and the ICC are at Annex.

Ends/Friday, December 21, 2018
Issued at HKT 11:00