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Draft Hung Shui Kiu and Ha Tsuen Outline Zoning Plan approved
     The Chief Executive in Council has approved the draft Hung Shui Kiu and Ha Tsuen Outline Zoning Plan (OZP).
     "The approved OZP indicates the broad land use zonings and major road network for the Hung Shui Kiu New Development Area (NDA) and Ha Tsuen area so that development and redevelopment of land in the area can be put under statutory planning control. It also provides the planning framework for preparing more detailed non-statutory plans which form the basis for public works planning and site reservation for various uses," a spokesman for the Town Planning Board said today (October 26).
     The Hung Shui Kiu NDA is an important component in the overall development strategy to provide housing land for Hong Kong in the medium to long term. The NDA will be one of the next-generation Hong Kong new towns and will be developed as a balanced and socially integrated community with an emphasis on environmentally friendly design. Upon full development, the Hung Shui Kiu NDA will accommodate a total population of about 218 000 including a new population of 176 000, and will provide about 150 000 employment opportunities. The NDA is positioned to become the regional economic and civic hub for the whole North West New Territories region.
     The planning scheme area, covering about 707 hectares, is bounded by the Tin Shui Wai New Town to the east, Castle Peak Road to the south, the knolls of Yuen Tau Shan to the west and the Lau Fau Shan Road/hill slope along Deep Bay Road to the north.
     About 24.12 hectares of land are zoned "Commercial" for commercial developments, functioning as territorial business/financial centre and regional or district commercial/shopping centre.
     About 3.65 hectares of land to the south of MTR Tin Shui Wai Station are zoned "Comprehensive Development Area", which is intended for comprehensive development of the area for residential use with provision of commercial, open space and other supporting facilities.
     About 69.44 hectares of land are zoned "Residential (Group A)" ("R(A)") for high-density residential development. The "R(A)" zone includes sites for private housing, public rental housing or subsidised sale flat developments. About 18.1 hectares of land are zoned "Residential (Group B)", which is primarily intended for medium-density residential developments. About 0.4 hectares of land are zoned "Residential (Group C)", which is primarily intended for low-rise and low-density residential developments.
     About 118.08 hectares of land are zoned "Village Type Development" ("V"), which is to designate existing recognised villages and areas of land considered suitable for village expansion. Three sites to the north of Tsing Chuen Wai and the north of Fung Kong Tsuen have been designated as "V(1)" for reprovisioning of the village houses under the Village Removal Terms due to the NDA development.
     About 15.07 hectares of land are zoned "Industrial", which is intended primarily for general industrial uses to ensure an adequate supply of industrial floor space to meet demand from production-oriented industries.
     About 68.52 hectares of land are zoned "Government, Institution or Community" ("G/IC") primarily for provision of G/IC facilities serving the needs of local residents and/or the community at wider district, regional or territorial levels.
     About 99.11 hectares of land are zoned "Open Space" for the provision of outdoor open-air public space for active and/or passive recreational uses.
     About 104.91 hectares of land are zoned "Other Specified Uses" to designate land for specific uses, including "Mixed Use" primarily for high-density residential and commercial development; "Enterprise and Technology Park" to provide development space for accommodating a variety of innovative and technology uses including research centres, testing and certification, data centres, modern industries and other related businesses and non-polluting industrial uses; "Logistics Facility"; "Port Back-up, Storage and Workshop Uses"; and "Parking and Operational Facilities for Environmentally Friendly Transport Services".
     About 55.92 hectares of land are zoned "Green Belt", which is intended primarily for defining the limits of urban and sub-urban development areas by natural features and to contain urban sprawl as well as to provide passive recreational outlets.
     The approved Hung Shui Kiu and Ha Tsuen OZP No. S/HSK/2 is now available for public inspection during office hours at the Secretariat of the Board, the Planning Enquiry Counters of the Planning Department in North Point and Sha Tin, the Tuen Mun and Yuen Long West District Planning Office and the respective District Offices and Rural Committees.
     Copies of the approved OZP are available for sale at the Map Publications Centres in North Point and Yau Ma Tei. The electronic version of the plan can be viewed at the Board's website (www.info.gov.hk/tpb).
Ends/Friday, October 26, 2018
Issued at HKT 16:00
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