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Fight Crime Committee Report released
      The Fight Crime Committee Report No. 37, which gives a detailed account of the Committee's work in 2017, was released today (October 19).
      Chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration, the Fight Crime Committee comprises eleven non-official members and seven other senior government officials. It is tasked to draw up plans to reduce crime, coordinate efforts in fighting crime and monitor the results, and encourage the public to participate in crime prevention and fight crime activities.
      In 2017, the Fight Crime Committee monitored the overall crime situation, the situation of commercial crime and the progress of the Police Superintendent's Discretion Scheme. It also implemented the fight crime publicity work and oversaw the work of the 18 District Fight Crime Committees. Apart from these, the Committee examined the publicity campaign for rehabilitated persons and discussed various issues of community concern, such as the drug situation in Hong Kong and youth crime matters.
      The report also covers the work of the two sub-committees under the Fight Crime Committee, i.e. the Standing Committee on Young Offenders and the Publicity Sub-Committee, and the work of the 18 District Fight Crime Committees.
      The report is now available at all the District Offices of the Home Affairs Department. It has also been uploaded onto the   Security Bureau's home page at www.sb.gov.hk.
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