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CE expresses gratitude to personnel on duty during passage of Super Typhoon Mangkhut
     While Super Typhoon Mangkhut is departing Hong Kong, the Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, yesterday (September 16) expressed her gratitude to personnel who, during the passage of the typhoon, provided rescue and other emergency services, handled emergencies and maintained necessary public services to members of the public, jointly minimising the impact of the typhoon on the city.
     "All personnel of disciplinary forces, various auxiliary services, the Hong Kong Observatory, all relevant departments as well as organisations and contractors which provide public services stayed committed to their work during inclement weather. Whether in the front line, back office or on standby to handle various emergencies, they served members of the public, protected their lives and property, and ensured public safety with professionalism and selflessness. Members of the press also discharged their duties well by providing the latest updates on the typhoon and reported the latest situation on the streets to members of the public. I, on behalf of the people of Hong Kong, would like to express to them heartfelt thanks," Mrs Lam said.
     "The magnitude of Mangkhut rendered more than 200 people, including rescue personnel, injured (of which the majority sustained minor injuries and did not need to be admitted to hospitals) and caused more than 60 flooding cases (in which only seven were serious cases), damaging a number of homes, shops and buildings. Electricity and water supply were affected in individual places. My sympathies to all those who were affected and wished the injured people and rescue personnel a speedy recovery. As bad weather may last for some time and the damage caused by Mangkhut may not be fully apparent, people are urged to continue to be vigilant."
     "The fact that we could keep the impact of Mangkhut on Hong Kong to a minimum is down to the vigilance of relevant bureaux, departments and organisations which mobilised the necessary manpower and resources to put in place precautionary measures.  The efforts include setting up an inter-departmental committee by the Security Bureau involving over 30 departments and organisations, advancing the activation of the Emergency Monitoring and Support Centre and the opening of the temporary shelters throughout the territory, assisting in the evacuation of residents from lowland areas and the installation of stop-logs, etc.  Many organisations have put in place various measures, including airlines which made arrangements for travelers to adjust their itineraries.  Members of the public in general have made preparations in anticipation of the typhoon.  I believe all these efforts have paid off.  The resources put in by the Government in enhancing slope safety, reducing flooding blackspots and assisting in the repairs and maintenance of old buildings over the years have also strengthened our city’s ability to withstand natural disasters."
     "The Government has immediately proceeded with the recovery work.  We will mobilise resources and join hands with relevant organisations to clear roads and streets, remove fallen trees and objects, repair damage facilities, etc. with a view to resuming the city's operation and people's daily life to normal as soon as possible.  I appeal to the understanding of members of the public as the work may take a bit of time and may cause disruption to them.  In addition, the Education Bureau has announced class suspension of all schools tomorrow.  I would call for employers to show understanding and flexibility in handling staff who have practical difficulties in resuming work."
Ends/Monday, September 17, 2018
Issued at HKT 0:48
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