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Talent List to attract quality people
     The Government promulgated today (August 28) the first Talent List of Hong Kong. Aiming to attract quality people from around the world in a more effective and focused manner to support Hong Kong's development as a high value-added and diversified economy, the Talent List, which contains 11 professions, has been drawn up after extensive consultation with the stakeholders.

     The Talent List highlights specific professions needed most for Hong Kong's economic development. In order to attract relevant world talents to Hong Kong, immigration facilitation is provided to eligible persons under the Talent List through the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) within its existing annual quota of 1 000. Successful applicants under the QMAS are not required to have secured an offer of local employment for settlement in Hong Kong. For applicants who meet the specifications of the respective profession under the Talent List, bonus marks will be given under the General Points Test of the QMAS.

     The 11 professions are listed as follows:

(a) Experienced waste treatment specialists/engineers;

(b) Experienced management professionals in asset management including but not limited to trust fund management;

(c) Experienced professionals in marine insurance;

(d) Actuaries;

(e) Experienced professionals in Fintech;

(f) Experienced data scientists and experienced cyber security specialists;

(g) Innovation and technology experts in, but not limited to, the following fields: (i) pharmaceutical and life science/biotechnology; (ii) data engineering (e.g. data mining/data analytics), artificial intelligence, robotics, distributed ledger technologies, biometric technologies and industrial/chemical engineering, etc.; and (iii) materials science/nanotechnology;

(h) Naval architects;

(i) Marine engineers and superintendents of ships;

(j) Creative industries professionals in: (i) music: recording engineers, mastering engineers, and cutting/pressing engineers for Vinyl LP; (ii) digital entertainment: game development experts (game designers, game programmers and game graphic designers) and game producers; and (iii) films: various roles in pre-production, production and post-production and winner of designated renowned international film festivals; and

(k) Dispute resolution professionals specialising in resolving international financial and investor-state disputes, and transactional lawyers with specialised knowledge of and experience in cross-border transactions from investing or host states.

     Detailed information on the 11 professions in the Talent List and qualification/experience requirements of the talents can be found in the dedicated website for the Talent List (www.talentlist.gov.hk) launched today.

     The Chief Secretary for Administration and Chairman of the Human Resources Planning Commission, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, said, "Hong Kong welcomes talents from all over the world with valuable skills, knowledge and experience to work here, bringing their talent into full play and further developing their careers. The promulgation of the Talent List is one of our major initiatives to enhance our competitive advantages in attracting international talents, creating cluster effects, stimulating the development of local talents and propelling Hong Kong forward."

     Application under the QMAS for eligible persons in the Talent List starts today. Information on application arrangements can be found in the websites of the Talent List and the QMAS (www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/visas/quality_migrant_admission_scheme.html). Meanwhile, the QMAS continues to welcome talents from other industries and sectors not covered by the Talent List.

     With the joint efforts of Government's overseas and Mainland Economic and Trade Offices, as well as the support of industry stakeholders, the Talent List will be publicised with the theme "Hong Kong • Talent Hub - Unlimited Opportunities" to attract targeted quality talents from around the world.

     The Talent List will be regularly updated to ensure that it can keep up with Hong Kong's latest economic development and the changing needs for different talents.
Ends/Tuesday, August 28, 2018
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