EPD commends organisations for enhancing indoor air quality (with photos)

     The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) today (June 13) held the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Certification Award Ceremony cum Technical Seminar to commend over 1 500 premises which have made efforts to enhance IAQ, of which 318 premises achieved Excellent Class IAQ while 1 244 premises achieved Good Class IAQ. Premises which have joined the IAQ Certification Scheme for Offices and Public Places for 10 years as well as the 10 organisations with the highest participation rates also received special awards.

     The EPD launched the Scheme in 2003 to promote good IAQ management practices. The number of premises participating in the Scheme has been continuously increasing and the premises cover various sectors, including office buildings, shopping malls, clubhouses, educational institutions, hotels and other public places. By the end of 2017, 1 562 premises in Hong Kong had obtained IAQ certificates, marking an increase of 12 per cent compared to 2016's figure and an approximately 18-fold growth compared to the number in 2004, showing that the community has become increasingly aware of the importance of IAQ management.

     The Government has all along been taking the lead in promoting good IAQ. According to the circular on Green Government Buildings, existing government buildings are required to strive for Good Class IAQ irrespective of their size. Speaking at the ceremony, the Deputy Director of Environmental Protection, Mrs Alice Cheung, said that maintaining good IAQ is very important as many people stay indoors most of the time every day. She also praised the premises owners and property management companies participating in the Scheme for setting a good example and helping to raise awareness in the community about IAQ.

     Mrs Cheung also pointed out that the EPD will continue to actively promote the Scheme by encouraging more premises to join, and is also planning to update the IAQ objectives to further enhance the IAQ of the participating premises of the Scheme.

     A technical seminar was held following the award ceremony, with a representative from the Hong Kong Productivity Council briefing the attendees on reducing exposure to volatile organic compounds in commercial premises, as well as professional and management representatives of a shopping mall and a private estate clubhouse sharing tips for achieving good IAQ.

     Any organisation or individual interested in joining or having a better understanding of the Scheme can obtain more information from the IAQ Information Centre or via its dedicated website at www.iaq.gov.hk.

Ends/Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Issued at HKT 16:40