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TCU's first quarterly report of 2018 released
The following is issued on behalf of the Transport Advisory Committee:
     The Transport Complaints Unit (TCU) of the Transport Advisory Committee received 5 543 complaints and suggestions in the first quarter of 2018, with 31 pure suggestions. The total number of cases represents a decrease of 16.8 per cent as compared with 6 666 cases in the previous quarter and a decrease of 5.6 per cent when compared with 5 874 cases in the same quarter of 2017.
     The complaints and suggestions received during the quarter were mostly related to public transport services (86 per cent), enforcement matters (10 per cent) and traffic conditions (2 per cent).
     The number of cases on public transport services decreased by 16 per cent from 5 727 in the previous quarter to 4 811 this quarter, while complaints and suggestions on traffic conditions decreased from 136 to 106. Cases about road maintenance increased from 28 to 29 and the number of complaints about illegal parking and other enforcement matters decreased from 747 to 569.
     All the complaints and suggestions received by the TCU in the quarter were referred to the relevant government departments and public transport operators for follow-up action.
     During the period under review, investigations into 6 501 cases were completed. Of these, 4 620 cases (71 per cent) were found to be substantiated, 76 cases (1 per cent) were unsubstantiated, and the remaining 1 805 cases (28 per cent) could not be pursued due to lack of evidence.
     For the substantiated cases, the relevant government departments and public transport operators have either taken steps to rectify the situation or are considering possible solutions to the problems identified.
     During the quarter, the relevant government departments and public transport operators took on board 16 suggestions made by the public to enhance public transport services and improve traffic conditions. A summary of the cases is at the Appendix.
     Members of the public may make their suggestions or complaints to the TCU by dialling the hotline 2889 9999 (a voice mail service is available outside office hours), by fax to 2577 1858, by e-mail to info@tcu.gov.hk or by filling in a form on the TCU website (www.info.gov.hk/tcu).
Ends/Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Issued at HKT 18:00
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