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Overloading of Public Light Buses endangers safety of members of public
     The Transport Department (TD) said today (May 16) that the TD is very concerned about the recent illegal cases of overloading of Public Light Buses (PLBs).

     A spokesman for the TD said, "Overloading a PLB is an offence and it poses threats seriously to road safety and the lives of members of the public. We strongly condemn this illegal act. We have liaised with the Police and requested them to actively take enforcement actions and step up prosecutions against drivers committing the offence so as to achieve deterrent effects.  Meanwhile, we will strengthen the site and on-board surveys and will immediately follow up with the Police if any illegal driving behaviours, such as overloading, is observed."

     The spokesman also reminded PLB drivers and passengers, "Overloading may constitute a breach of conditions of the third party insurance. Therefore, drivers should not overload a PLB and members of the public should not board a PLB which is fully loaded."

     Regarding the recent media reports about overloading of PLBs, TD has issued letters to the trade instructing them to urge frontline drivers not to overload PLBs. TD will continue to deliver the messages of safe PLB service to the trade and the public through various channels, which include issuing of PLB newsletter, organising PLB road safety seminars for PLB drivers to enhance safe driving, and appealing to the PLB trade to promote safe driving and quality PLB service at trade conferences.

     Moreover, the TD will also review the provision of public transport service in the areas where the PLB services were found involved in overloading, and will consider service adjustments to cater for the passenger demand.

     The TD in collaboration with the Police will continue to combat the overloading malpractice of PLBs.
Ends/Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Issued at HKT 23:07
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