Pilot Scheme on Corporate Summer Internship on the Mainland and Overseas to provide opportunities for Hong Kong youth (with photos)

     The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, today (March 16) announced the launch of the Pilot Scheme on Corporate Summer Internship on the Mainland and Overseas in collaboration with major enterprises to provide around 250 internship places for Hong Kong young people on the Mainland and overseas this summer.
     Mr Cheung said, "The pilot scheme aims at nurturing young talents in Hong Kong with a positive outlook to life, a commitment to society, a sense of national identity, a love for Hong Kong and an international perspective. Participating enterprises will shoulder major costs pertaining to the internships, including airfare and accommodation, to ensure that outstanding young people will not be denied participation due to financial difficulties. We believe that the experience gained by the young participants during the internships at top-notch enterprises outside Hong Kong will help enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness in the face of the globalised knowledge-based economy.
     "I am most impressed by the business sectors' enthusiastic response to the pilot scheme. Within just a month's preparatory time, 16 major enterprises with diversified business portfolios spanning across various sectors have agreed to take part in the scheme."

     The 16 major enterprises participating in the pilot scheme will provide a total of around 250 internship places in different provinces and cities on the Mainland and in seven overseas countries. The internship places cover a wide range of industries including financial services, real estate, construction and public utilities (details of the internship places can be found at Annex). Each participating enterprise will provide internship placements in their offices or their subsidiary/affiliated companies on the Mainland and overseas. They will also conduct recruitment exercises and implement the internship programmes individually. Students who are in Year 2 of undergraduate programmes or above and holders of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Cards may apply. The internship placements will take place between May and August and last for at least six weeks.

     The Government will act as an active facilitator and promoter to ensure the smooth implementation of the scheme, including drawing up some basic terms. The Government will promote and publicise the scheme and will introduce the scheme to local universities and tertiary institutions. The Government will also arrange other learning opportunities for the interns such as seminars, large-scale meetings, and visits to government units, with a view to broadening their experience and vision.

     The Pilot Scheme on Corporate Summer Internship on the Mainland and Overseas is open for applications starting from today. Details of the internship placements have been uploaded to the Government's One-Stop-Information Platform on Internship and Exchange Opportunities (www.hab.gov.hk/osip). Interested applicants should submit applications to the relevant participating enterprises directly.

Ends/Friday, March 16, 2018
Issued at HKT 19:03