Transcript of remarks at press conference on Pilot Scheme on Corporate Summer Internship on the Mainland and Overseas (with photos/video)

‚Äč     The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, and the Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, Mrs Betty Fung, held a press conference today (March 16) to announce the launch of the Pilot Scheme on Corporate Summer Internship on the Mainland and Overseas in collaboration with major companies to provide internship places for Hong Kong young people on the Mainland and overseas. Below is the transcript of remarks at the press conference:

Reporter: Mr Secretary, good morning. Most of the locations of the internships will be on the Mainland, and you said at the outset that you want young people will be equipped with a sense of national identity and also international perspective. But with only about 30 or so internships overseas, how can they equip (themselves with) international perspective? Thank you.

Chief Secretary for Administration: Very good question. We can't possibly confine the scheme to outside the Mainland, because a lot of these corporations in fact are rooted in Hong Kong – their operations actually cover the entire Mainland and also various other places. I'd like to stress that it is a start. Those going to the Mainland, it is not just for sense of national identity, but also to broaden the outlook, to nurture independence of mind, and also to encourage them to mix with people on the Mainland as well. So, we mustn't look at it strictly from that angle, we're talking about going out of Hong Kong, broaden your horizon, see the world, not only the Mainland but also outside the Mainland. As you know, we've got quite a lot of ASEAN countries here, which is quite an important area of growth in future - a lot of trade between Hong Kong and countries in the ASEAN trade area. We also provide internship opportunities in Australia and UK. This is a breakthrough. We never ever have a programme like that - synergise the efforts of major enterprises in Hong Kong, providing a scheme tailor-made for nurturing our young generation with a positive outlook on life and also independence of mind, global perspective and sense of national identity and of course affection for Hong Kong.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

Ends/Friday, March 16, 2018
Issued at HKT 14:00