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Education Bureau launches a one-stop parent education website "Smart Parent Net" (with photos)
     The Education Bureau (EDB) today (February 27) launches a one-stop website called "Smart Parent Net" to provide information on parent education (www.parent.edu.hk). The website enables parents with children from kindergarten to primary and secondary school levels to easily access useful information on supporting the physical and mental development of students, which includes the parent-child relationship, character development, parenting skills and emotional management of parents, with a view to promoting parent education.
     The Government has always attached great importance to parent education. To further enhance the support for parent education, the EDB will provide a wide range of information via "Smart Parent Net" to assist parents to master the knowledge and skills to nurture their children, encourage them to adopt positive education approaches, establish a good parent-child relationship and enhance children's resilience, so that children grow up healthily and happily.
     "Smart Parent Net" provides video clips and articles on parent education shared by various academics and experts. Parents can also refer to important issues concerning them through the calendar on the webpage, for instance, parent education activities and the application methods, dates of making choices of schools for admission to Primary One or Secondary One and the release of central allocation results. In addition, parents can visit other related websites through the parent education directory. The content of "Smart Parent Net" will be updated regularly.
     "Smart Parent Net" can be accessed with computers and tablets as well as mobile phones with a specially designed interface for mobile devices. The website also provides a sharing function to allow parents to share video clips and articles with other parents through social networking platforms and instant messaging software.
Ends/Tuesday, February 27, 2018
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The Secretary for Education, Mr Kevin Yeung, attends a spring reception with parents today (February 27), during which he introduces the Education Bureau’s newly launched one-stop parent education website “Smart Parent Net” to parent representatives.
The Secretary for Education, Mr Kevin Yeung (right), and the founder of Mak’s Academy, Mr Francis Mak (left), speak about the importance of parent education at a spring reception with parents today (February 27).
The Secretary for Education, Mr Kevin Yeung (front row, fifth left), is pictured with the Chairman of the Committee on Home-School Co-operation (CHSC), Mr Henry Tong (front row, third left), and other CHSC members at a spring reception with parents today (February 27).