Temporary traffic and transport arrangements for tram track renewal works in Eastern District from next Monday

     The Transport Department (TD) today (January 30) reminded the public that to facilitate tram track renewal work in Eastern District, the following temporary traffic and transport arrangements will be implemented from about 10am next Monday (February 5) to 10am on February 12 (Monday) or until the above work is completed:
(1) Traffic lane closure
* A section of the tram lane on North Point Road near King's Road will be temporarily closed (except for trams).
(2) Temporary restricted zones
     The following road sections will be temporarily designated as a restricted zone 24 hours daily:
* A section of the western kerbside lane of North Point Road near King's Road;
* A section of the eastern kerbside lane of North Point Road near Chun Yeung Street; and
* A section of the southern kerbside lane of Chun Yeung Street near North Point Road.
(3) Suspension of tram stops
* The tram stop on Chun Yeung Street (No. 67E) and the North Point Tram Terminus on Tong Shui Road will be suspended from about 10am on February 5 to 6am on February 9.
* Affected passengers taking the eastbound tram services should use the eastbound tram stops at King's Road near North Point Road and Shu Kuk Street (No. 69E and 71E). For passengers taking the westbound tram services, they should use the westbound tram stop at King's Road near North Point Road (No. 32W).
(4) Relocation of green minibus (GMB) stop
* The existing GMB stop of Hong Kong Island GMB route No. 65 on North Point Road will be temporarily relocated about 15 metres northward.
(5) Suspension of metered parking spaces
* The metered parking spaces on North Point Road outside Loong Wan Building will be suspended.
     Appropriate traffic signs and road markings will be erected on-site to guide motorists. The Hong Kong Tramways will display notices to advise passengers on the above temporary arrangements.
     The TD anticipates that that the traffic in the vicinity of North Point Road and King's Road will be more congested during the above works period. Motorists should exercise tolerance and patience in cases of traffic congestion. Members of the public are advised to plan their journey in advance and allow sufficient time to cater for unexpected delay, and stay alert to the latest traffic news released via the media.
     Details of the temporary traffic arrangements are now available on the department's website (www.td.gov.hk).

Ends/Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Issued at HKT 16:53