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Exercise to be held on Daya Bay Contingency Plan
     The Government is planning an inter-departmental exercise based on the Daya Bay Contingency Plan (DBCP), to be held on December 20 and 21.
     A Security Bureau spokesperson said today (December 12) that the exercise, codenamed "Checkerboard II", will test the response capabilities of the Government as well as the effectiveness of the DBCP in dealing with an emergency at a nuclear power station that may affect Hong Kong. 

     The DBCP sets out in detail the measures to be adopted by the Government in dealing with emergencies at a nuclear power station at Daya Bay or elsewhere. In addition to internal drills conducted by relevant departments from time to time, large-scale interdepartmental exercises on the Plan are held every three to five years. The last such exercise was held in 2012.
     Some 30 bureaux, departments and organisations involved in the DBCP will participate in "Checkerboard II". They will take action and interact in response to a simulated nuclear accident, demonstrating their judgement, efficiency and knowledge in responding to an emergency. 
     To heighten the professionalism of the exercise and to enhance the Government's response capabilities, the Government has engaged the Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN), France's public expert organisation in nuclear and radiological risks and one of the world's leading organisations in nuclear emergency response and radiation protection, to be the consultant for the exercise. 
     The IRSN is highly experienced in collaborating with major international organisations, regulatory bodies, governments and private enterprises in areas relating to nuclear or radiological emergency preparedness and response, and in the design, development and conduct of emergency exercises. 
     "For 'Checkerboard II', the IRSN is responsible for designing the main technical scenario, conducting technical training, workshops and warm-up exercises for bureaux and departments, assisting in evaluating the exercise, and providing advice on related matters," the spokesman said.
     A number of international, Mainland and local government representatives and experts, as well as members of the Panel on Security of the Legislative Council, will be invited to observe the exercise and make recommendations, the spokesperson added.
     The Government will assess the outcome of the exercise and consider the comments and recommendations received from participants and observers to identify areas for improvement and make refinements to the DBCP where necessary.
Ends/Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Issued at HKT 18:30
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